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spring reverb?
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Author spring reverb?
i just found a website that sells reverb tanks for a pretty good price. how would i go about making my own spring reverb? i've got a lot of diy experience, but have no idea how to even approach this project. any suggestions? help
i'll tell you once i get my Neural Agonizer done Mr. Green
I'll tell you right now: Neural Agonizer FTW Dono-Kun Dance Bananallama! Drunken Homer Simpson
A Dingleberry Monstrosity
easy solution? Buy a spring reverb from doepfer and get a better tank

I have one and I like it, but I think I will be getting a bigger tank
makes some more videos andrew smile
im really irking to get to mine

i have to finish these mini-modualrs so i can make some cash to buy the compoentns. all my current components lot that i need to finsih a bunch of jobs and a few of my own modules are all lost in thailand somewhere. fukn futurlec grr, fukn thailand closing down its airport grr

I ordered some CDs from London last monday & usually this shop gets em here within the week.... I got a bad feeling about this.
that smiley rawks smile
Like others have said, the Tellun Neural Agonizer is one of the most unique spring reverb applications out there, modular or not. Go to and listen to some of the demos, it will give you a working idea of its capabilities. Since you already have DIY experience piecing it together should be no problem at all, although it is a tad specific about which springs work best with the circuit so you can't necessarily apply just any tank to the project.

Beyond that there is the PAiA Hot Springs reverb kit, which is much simpler in nature and would certainly provide you with a working knowledge of basic reverb circuitry.
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