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STATIC by FEEDBACK (noise module)
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Author STATIC by FEEDBACK (noise module)

Like every module we developed in the past this new noise module was born out of our own necessities.
We needed some versatile noise sources in our own systems so decided to study the most interesting and useful designs from the past.
As probably many of you know white noise and pink noise are some well defined theoretical concepts and making some real world
implementations that follow exactly the theory is not an easy or cheap thing.
This is the reason why every synth manufacturer decided to take a cost effective and less precise route and make only an approximation
of the white and pink noise signals.
This is the reason why if you listen to the noise generators from different synthesizers or modules you will discover that they do not sound
exactly the same.
Knowing this, we decided to make a module with different methods of generation and also different sources of basic noise.
The MS noise is a white and pink noise generator based on transistor noise.
The ZN noise is a more complex circuit based on zenner diode noise with some interesting features.
The TR noise is based on digital shift registers used as noise generator but with a twist smile
While developing the project on breadboard we decided to add some interesting and useful features.
Our team mate Chrissugar had the idea to mod the TR circuit so it will change the sound of noise with a potentiometer from white noise
to a decimated/digitized chip tune like noise.
Also Chris suggested to add to the ZN noise a morph potentiometer and an additional out for a variable noise from pink to dark noise.
The random CV out is also an added useful bonus .
The result of our work is the STATIC module, a comprehensive collection of noise sources generated with different methods,
with many independent outputs and a few interesting add ons.
We are very pleased with this module and we hope it will satisfy not only our needs but also the needs of most eurorack enthusiasts.
The project is not very complex but it needs two out of production shift registers: CD4006 (or MC14006).

Audio outputs in order : MSwhite/Mspink/ZNWhite/ZNPink/DARK/MORPH/TR (Spectrum Knob turned/SW in both positions)


Noise through VCA with ADSR in the same order than previous recording.


Static will be available in two type of kits :

KIT1 : 20EUR (2PCBs+frontPanel)
KIT2 : 35EUR (Pcbs+FP, 8xminijacks, 2xpots 50KB and 1MA, 4xboard connectors, 2xMC14006 tested)

Complete module will be 70EUR.

KIT1 :

KIT2 : kit1 +

I uploaded some audio demos for the module.
This looks awesome! (As do all of your modules, of course). I love that you've built in fundamentally different sources of noise generation.
My stock of 4006 is very low, so I'll go in for a kit 2. I was getting ready to buy some stuff on your site, but I'll buy this first.
By the way, I think this is the first module with a "trout" jack. (hides)

Found some 4006s, so I'll do a kit 1 instead.
This looks great! I'm definitely in for Kit 2.
well done Andrei on a fantastic cornucopia of noise.I say this as the proud owner of two preproduction calibrated for +/- 12 eurorack and the other at +/-15 for use in my Buchla system. The spectrum and morph controls are the clincher.iIve found them really useful in S/H patches where I would have previously used a product,top seller,top support.and thanks again for the fast leadtime on two builds. SlayerBadger!
I have a stash of CD4006, Ill do a kit 1 Rockin' Banana!
You folks are doing some great work!
definitely interested in one of these when they are ready
All the new kits and modules are now available.
Check it out! I have some CD4006 in the bin; I'm in!
Will you be restocking these kits anytime soon?
I was looking forward to one of them.
Cesiumdoll wrote:
Will you be restocking these kits anytime soon?
I was looking forward to one of them.

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