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Off-the-grid rigs
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Author Off-the-grid rigs

Over the past few weeks i've created a little "electricity-less" setup to create music at home as i no longer have electricity. Power bank powering a Digitakt and two fx pedals (tc electronic stuff DRAINS batteries) and two portable blackstar amps which run on batteries. Also have a zoom h4n to record/monitor with headphones.

Was wondering if anybody else had portable power solutions to play in nature or on the street or whatever. Would be cool to see some insights.
Good solution for speaker: Bosch PB360. It's a jobsite radio, plenty loud, and will run off Bosch tool battery. If there is a power lead, it will act as a powerstrip.

A KORG Kross will run off batteries, and run well. So will Volcas. The Casio XW-P1 will run off batteries as well. Boutique synths will run off batteries, and you can get a passive mixer to do that if you need it. Or the Behringer battery-operated mixer. Also, you can get a battery pack to run a few small effects or synths if you need them. The Zoom G1on is a great multi-effects DSP pedal that runs on batteries, and plays nicely with line level sources.
Here’s a quick spin of one the earlier iterations of my minirig teatray. Everything is battery powered.

Then here’s a more recent recording after I had decided to flip the orientation around. The flip made it easier to turn on the 0-coast & effects pedal.

(Photo is static)

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