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r frac and euro friends
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Author r frac and euro friends
I happily "swing both ways" (only in the modular sense) bi and proud LOL

I started off with Frac but Euro was too much of a temptation to dismiss, is generally cheaper and offers a lot of variety. Frac still has some unique stuff though and I'd be hard pushed to choose one format over the other.

Took me much longer to build a Frac system, was built up over about 2-3years for 12u, did 18u of Euro in like 4 months, and ready for another 9u anytime soon. I still am not 100% happy with my Frac system, would love to get some more Blacet but the import duty is ridiculous so its unlikely that I will.

I've never really had any problems linking between the systems, and not blown anything up yet so......

EDIT I have 2 attenuators in my Frac which I use for certain applications when going between formats. Definately recommended.

EDIT hehe, just noticed Kent rocking the "cable tie" rack system, I walked that path for a while wink

EDIT Binary Zone is fab, also the Blacet VCO is very nice, Filthy Filter is great too. I have some a Bugbrand VCA, not tried pinging it with a Euro envelope yet though but should be fine, I'll report back later...
Update - Just tried the Bugbrand VCA with the Doepfer A143-2 works fine, comparing it to driving with the Bugbrand ENV1 you get a bit less overall volume with the Doepfer, as you'd expect, but it is certainly useable.

Going the other way, using a Frac envelope to drive a Euro VCA you would want to attenuate to get a more predictable range most likely.
If you are going to get one Frac rack, you might as well get two.
That way you'll make the most of your PSU.

I have 6 racks of Frac, and recently added 2 racks of Euro.
Euro does add some nice options to the system.
My Euro currently has no envelopes or VCAs.
It is dependent on the Frac for these duties.

They play nicely together, but you have to be aware about attenuation or amplification sometimes being necessary.
Some of Blacet's offerings make this much easier.

Blacet's EG1, Micro LFO, and new DAD envelope all have attenuators on their outputs for easy scaling of your voltages to whichever ranges you need.
Blacet's buffered splitter, mixer, and multiples have output attenuation too.

Blacet has several modules that offer healthy amounts of gain.
This can help with the odd boosting/amplification requirements of unusual interfacing.
Examples being: the obvious I/O, Klangwerk, and channel D of the discontinued Quad VCA.
smile thnx for trying out the vca d.ager. like your youtube link
I'll be sure to get attenuators for my frac. Mike from MetalboX was helpfull
it won't all b blue but i'm glad i wrote him. very nice

MetalboX Mike Quote: Yes, this is only really ever a headache when using envelopes and VCA's with different scales. There's no risk of damage or anything like that. Just the inconvenience of not having the full parameter range. Most of the time you won't want the parameter to go over it's full range anyway. ie: you don't constantly sweep a filter frequency or resonance control it's full range rather they are constrained. 10 octave sweeps can sometimes be cool.

Also, if you mix two 5V signals together in a euro system you'll get a 10 volt swing in most cases. Frac modules just have a little more headroom.

thnx also cat-a-tonic good info on the Blacet modules
i do plan on getting a second case, eventually
a pic
SlayerBadger! Fuck yeah!!! Nice Rack !!! SlayerBadger!
the metalbox stuff looks hawt. I've always had a thing for the matrix mixer Dinner at the Y
thanks for following up with the photo! Guinness ftw!
lookin' good! applause
YUM! MY ASS IS BLEEDING eek! applause
i'm happy with it
the mixer convinced me that it can handle more modules
so i'm dreaming of expanding the rig
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