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WARNING! Gear101 (now known as Gearaudio101) is back yet again, behind a proxy yet again, and is sending PMs and emails to users offering their WTB items. THIS GUY IS A CROOK, A WELL KNOWN SCAMMER. DO NOT DEAL WITH HIM!

KILT playing at Death By Audio
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Author KILT playing at Death By Audio


KILT will be playing 3 shows in Brooklyn in April, one of them is at Death By Audio.

Go say hi, and show some support, I really wish I could be there to check these out.

Raven Chacon (and all 16 million bands he performs with) is so fucking cool, and he has my CD in his car love

april 11 @ Paris London West Nile - a hard-to-find galleryvenue 285 kent ave 2 Brooklyn

april 13 @ Matchless - 557 Manhattan Blvd , Brooklyn

april 14 @ Death by Audio - 49 S.
2nd, Brooklyn, NY 11211

april 17 - Raven Chacon solo @ Montgomery College - Rockville Maryland

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