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Wiard 300 series modules up for auction on Vemia (UK)
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Author Wiard 300 series modules up for auction on Vemia (UK)


If anyone is interested there's a Waveform City, Wogglebug and Borg filter on the Vemia auction site -

I probably don't need to add - they are not mine.

Anyone looking for modules in UK / Europe might want to take a look. If you don't know Vemia it's a decent service - I've got a lot of stuff from them. It's run by Peter Forrest - the author of the A-Z of Analogue Synths


That's my stuff.


Best of luck wavecircle, people pay nice prices for quality gear on Vemia, so you'll fetch a pretty penny I'm sure.


I'd be happy to sell them at what they are at now.

I have to see it out now though, Peter seems like a nice guy, not a bunch of pirates like other auction sites.


Peter is a gent. I've met him several times when he's delivered stuff here. He's always sorted out buyer problems. I sold a few minor items through him and that was also fine.


+10 on Peter. Lovely guy.


There is a Wiard joystick up for auction now it seems



Disregard that, seems to have been last weeks auction?

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