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With the closure of the MW store the forum has gone back to being 100% community funded. To help us out the lovely Ross Lamond has put together an awesome raffle! You could win a complete modular system or one of many other great prizes. Please see the stickied thread in the For Sale subforum for details! It's my hope that we can raise our all our hosting costs through a once-yearly event like this. Thanks and good luck!

ADDAC System in other Formats ?
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Would you like ADDAC System for other Formats?
Yes, please
 62%  [ 30 ]
No, thanks
 37%  [ 18 ]
Total Votes : 48

Author ADDAC System in other Formats ?


Hello all,

some people have bee inquiring me about other some modules in other formats, like 5U and frac, i have been restraining myself from doing it, but if enough people are interested i'd be willing to do it.

let me know!


mike sheridan

Buchla? :)


Hey Andre! I'm particularly interested in the .wav module in Frac format.

Do you know if the euro version would fit into a frac sized rack? Can it be easily modified to run off +/-15v?



from what i could read here:

seems that it does fit, it’s only 4mm smaller in height due to the eurorack lip, don’t know about the holes spacing though!

it works with -+15V but what type of busboards does FRAC use?

i could do an adapter cable i guess...

for an extra amount, i could also do a custom one in FRAC or any other size, i'll check the standards and if the pcb dimensions are compatible i can make a custom panel next time i put a panel order!

what i can't do is use banana plugs or 1/4 inch jacks!
they're too deep for my pcb designs...

PM me if you wanna go for it!


Thanks for providing that elby-designs link, very good reference. I had seen that a long time back but now i have saved the pdf.

I have a mixed system: bugbrand modules use the small MTA 100 size headers and Blacet have the larger ones (not sure of the name)

bummer the .wav can't be outfitted with bananas! but I can live with that if I have to. razz

Anyway, I'll be PMing you. 8_)


How about a ADDAC205 Dual Oscilloscope in 5U/MU 8_)


If you could do limited editions in Eardrill's ModuleModule format or in the standard Buchla format, that would be cool. You'd have to take a good look at what is already on offer though and decide which items might be of most benefit to the 200/200e user.

I will caution you about stocking up too many Frac versions. Just ask STG and Flight of Harmony regarding sell-through rate on Frac.


I would also love a ADDAC205 Dual Oscilloscope in 5U/MU format. I'd snag one in a second if you made it.




Eardrill ModuleModule?

Bueller? Bueller?

Just checking in.


thumbs up
Kent wrote:


Eardrill ModuleModule?

Bueller? Bueller?

Just checking in.


I'd like to have the VC filterbank in 5U. MU preferred but MOTM would be OK (although until now I only have DIY modules in there).


Serge M-Module format, please. So many of the ADDAC designs would really fit perfectly in a Serge system.


__ag wrote:

it works with -+15V but what type of busboards does FRAC use?

i could do an adapter cable i guess...

I didn't see anyone else answer this old question - the power plug for Blacet's Frac modules and Wiard 1200 frac modules is the same as MOTM IE 4-pin 0.156" with the 2 centre pins being 0v.

I would be interested in frac versions of some of your modules IF you could make them with blue panels.


can I change my vote? I may be getting some buchla and Addac stuff would me really cool. the modulemodule idea would be nice

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