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I Dream of Wires...the final countdown!
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Author I Dream of Wires...the final countdown!


Hi everyone,

First off, a big big thank you to everyone who believed in us enough to contribute to the fundraising campaign, with your help, the film has expanded it scope well beyond our initial we countdown the last 24 hours I'd like to ask each of you to please alert your fellow modular synth enthusiasts about the project and urge them to at least pitch in to pre-buy a copy of the film.

I have to say, this has been the most rewarding project I've been involved in, the numerous people I've met all along the East coast have been a fascinating bunch and we've shot many hours of great interviews and gear demos, all of which will be archived as a piece of early 21st century electronic music history that will hopefully be of use in the centuries to follow. Now, with the funds we've raised, we will be able to expand our shooting to include many people along the West coast. Please stay tuned over the next several months as we continue to update you on our progress.

So thanks again all of you, I look forward to delivering our finished feature length documentary in the near future. Please stick with us and feel free to send comments and suggestions along with passing on our fundraising link for one last push!


Rob Fantinatto


looking forward to this Guinness ftw!

s o l v e n t

We made it to $16,000+ ... Nice!

Just FYI, unlike Kickstarter, we can continue to receive contributions via IndioGoGo, so if you want to pre-order the DVD or any of the other goods up for offer, it's not too late.


Jason @ I Dream Of Wires


Can't wait!

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