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gospel chords
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Author gospel chords
i figured id share this app I've been using

and now its an iPhone app almost ready for commercial release
Thanks jimmy. Such a great concept. After many years of blindly wading my way through notes I've been slowly teaching myself music theory. But I'm trapped with a limited knowledge that gives me major and minor chords with an occasional sus chord. This seems to be packed with some great starting points.
it's really impressive to me how much education goes on inside the black gospel music community. those guys all work their asses off.
Any chance of an Android release?
Can I be critical in a gentle and positive way?

#1 great app - great idea, I am sure lots of people will find it very useful.

#2 As they say, "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" - (as you know) the more complex a harmony becomes the more 'tendency' notes create a 'pull' which wants to be resolved in a meaningful way --- as if each note is being played by a monophonic instrument or voice and that musical line needs to get where its going in the sense that harmony can be seen as consequential of counterpoint. You wouldn't want to tell someone "You can go ahead and use a V7 chord here" without telling them how to resolve the 3rd and 7th.

Certainly all music does not need to be 'learned' or intellectual, but I for one have a nails on the chalkboard reaction to error through ignorance. Perhaps your app will inspire folks to learn more about harmony and the consequential need to learn about voice leading, or perhaps this is something which you could add to the usefulness and educational value of the wonderful thing you have designed.

Great work - I hope that was gentle and positive enough.
i use this mainly for voicing, i have my own way of writing music

but either way, i think if you had a solid melody and working baseline.. after using this software (I've got a beta), most of the chords do work.

but yeah, i often find myself loving the chords that i already use in my music.. minor extensions.

as he says, its mostly about transcribing music and flavoring it differently. for church organ players its really indispensable (i know a few in detroit and they like this tool)
that looks great - thanks
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