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With the closure of the MW store the forum has gone back to being 100% community funded. To help us out the lovely Ross Lamond has put together an awesome raffle! You could win a complete modular system or one of many other great prizes. Please see the stickied thread in the For Sale subforum for details! It's my hope that we can raise our all our hosting costs through a once-yearly event like this. Thanks and good luck!

JAG power cable help - no stripe: RESOLVED Thanks!
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Author JAG power cable help - no stripe: RESOLVED Thanks!


Hello fellow Walekko enthusiasts,

Was wondering if someone could help me with figuring out how to plug in my JAG. The power cable doesn't have a stripe at all. Can someone who has a jag with a stripe on -12v tell me whether it lines up with the "sv1" or "10" on the pcb? A picture would be great if you could take one. I pm'd Josh, but I think he's probably busy at NAMM.

Thanks in advance!

edited bc the picture below should answer


My power cable has a short black line at both ends. One connects to -12V on the Doepfer bus, the other connects to 10 on the JAG PCB. Pictures:


Thanks MR and! thumbs up It was as I suspected, but just wanted some confirmation before I potentially fried by beautiful new JAG. Dead Banana

Can't wait to get home and plug this baby in!!!

Thanks again!


Followed the pics above and all lights blazing! Thanks for the guidance guys! thumbs up

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