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FINALLY! I believe I have gotten to the bottom of the invalid session and logout issues. Please continue to report your own experience in the appropriate threads in the "Forum Discussion and Requests" subforum. Thank you all for your patience and support! <3

STG repairing?
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Author STG repairing?
Has anyone had any experience with getting an STG module repaired? I've been trying to get a hold of him to no avail...I need my damn graphic sequencer!
perhaps post it in his subforum, he is around I spoke to him the other day.
Have you sent him an email directly?

He responds fairly quickly.....
I have twice and haven't gotten a response other than 'oh it sounds like mainboard failure' after I initially told him my graphic sequencer seemed like it wasn't working. It literally just went kaput one day after having used it for the past week straight! seriously, i just don't get it I don't think this happens too often but it would ease my pain to know about repair situations sooner than never seeing that i have an album that I need to finish soon Dead Banana
dude i'm sorry i didn't respond quickly enough. i believe i gave you my card at NAMM which means you also have my phone number.

i'll take care of it, i just haven't mailed you yet.
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