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MOMA Kraftwerk retrospective.
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Author MOMA Kraftwerk retrospective.
Through the many site crashes fighting for tickets this morning I actually got a pair of tickets to see The Mix. Anyone else get lucky?
essex sound lab
I, sadly, did not.

But I'm happy to know that at least one Wiggler is going! thumbs up
Bummer man! I know TONS of people who tried but no one I know actually got any! I'm so fucking lucky on this! Bonkers. I will represent the wigglers!
cool! I was in line for the mix at 12:00 and waited until the official "sold out" message about 80 minutes later. oh well. I have some kraftwerk themed fun in the works for that week though smile
chvad wrote:
Bummer man! I know TONS of people who tried but no one I know actually got any! I'm so fucking lucky on this! Bonkers. I will represent the wigglers!

Yes. I think you'll have to rep ALL of us sad banana
the site crashed on my "Man Machine" tab twice, and three times on "Radio-Activity"

Showclix Sux
yeah.. i got tons of crashes as well. Mine was a team effort with my girlfriend. We each had a primary and a secondary show to pick from. I'd assumed the hottest nights would be Man Machine, Trans Europe Express, Radioactivity and Autobahn. So we picked one each and then each picked a secondary show we thought would be less sought after immediately. I figured we'd have more chances that way. As it turns out I slipped right into cue for The Mix and Man Machine sat there for the next hour like it did for many people. The damn site crashed twice while checking out but I got mad lucky in that it never forced me to re-enter the queue.

Damn near had a heart attack throughout the whole process. lol. A number of other guys at my job were trying for tickets as well and none of them were able to get them.
i saw that the other day.. another great use of that film clip! hihi
i was out of town on business and my girlfriend tried but, i honestly didn't expect we'd get anything for a show of such limited proportions.

i didn't bother to go and see them on the last tour because i'm afraid that nothing will top being front and center against the stage for their hammerstein ballroom performance back in 1998(?... i think it was '98).

perhaps they'll turn this concept into future shows or something.
Rymf wrote:

I'd pay to see you perform this - with that page on a big screen behind you.
I didn't make that video, but I can start practicing my unconvincing German accent, I guess.
Reese P. Dubin
Just Ralf and hired guns at this point right? Theres been no mention of personnel as far as I know.

Im sure it will be cool, but the downfall vid nailed it.
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