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With the closure of the MW store the forum has gone back to being 100% community funded. To help us out the lovely Ross Lamond has put together an awesome raffle! You could win a complete modular system or one of many other great prizes. Please see the stickied thread in the For Sale subforum for details! It's my hope that we can raise our all our hosting costs through a once-yearly event like this. Thanks and good luck! __________________ Important note: Dreamhost once again took it upon themselves to move us to a new machine, and again broke some stuff including (again) search. Performance is pretty bad as well as they seem to have lost our optimizations. I'm hoping to work on this stuff tonight with analogdigital and should have everything fixed ASAP, hopefully no longer than a few hours or perhaps a day. Sorry for the inconvenience!

OT: latest original from my live trio
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Author OT: latest original from my live trio


Not a modular in sight. Hey I said it was OT 8_)
Watch me hit like 3 or 4 wrong pedalboard buttons in a row. seriously, i just don't get it
We host an open mic on Sunday afternoons and do a 30 minute opening set.
It's a cool place and we have a lot of fun.
This a brand new tune we just wrote.


Very nice track/performance!!!
Great feel!!
applause applause applause
your singing is great too!


hey I just saw this. Nice job Phil. applause


Really enjoyed this! Well constructed tune, and nicely performed. The video complemented the style perfectly.



Thanks a bunch you guys!
Wasn't sure if this stuff would fly here...
Here's another new one we just wrote.
This was the fist time we did it live.
Running this open mic every week, we can literally write a song on Tuesday and play it that Sunday for a live audience. It's fun!


nice groove & cool song ! ! !

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