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Granular euro - godsend, or largely pointless?
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Author Granular euro - godsend, or largely pointless?
A112 freeze delay can be fun!
Dr. Sketch-n-Etch wrote:
earlykooka wrote:
it isn't what Granular Synthesis is at all. Not even close. <...snip...>

OK. Based on what you're saying, GS is only possible in the digital domain. That's cool. I'm not really interested in it, personally, but that's just me.

I would say that, at least with current technology, it is only practical in the digital domain, yes. But it is certainly theoretically possible in a ( digital under CV control) Eurorack module.
In fact, as I understand it ( i've only ever played around with one in a shop ) Phonogene is capable of things that are a sort of a subset of what granular synthesis is, but on very, very short soundfiles.

Personally, I would be -extremely- excited about a Eurorack module capable of doing real granular synthesis, but it would have to have some fairly serious audio memory and some fairly serious onboard "CPU" too .

Until then the best bet is probably, as others have suggested, CV to midi control of computer based GS. Density ( and many other Max/MSP based programs/plugs) Reaktor granular ensembles, Riverrun, Granulator etc etc .
earlykooka wrote:

Still my absolute favorite. And it's not overwhelmed with parameters either. I think it would be a great model for granular synthesis in the hardware realm, Euro or otherwise (my needs are otherwise!).

My favorite thing is to drag the sliders in the waveform window to the right, "record enable" and just stream sounds through it in realtime (instead of capturing snapshot loops).

Dr. Sketch-n-Etch wrote:
rowman wrote:
Just trying this with the xfade of the Korgasmatron and it works at a moderate audio rate at least.

Warning... Technical language to follow.

Sorry this isn't granular sythesis, but I think it's pretty cool:

So we all love the distorted sines the Korgasmatron can do when you turn up the q-drive, but the post above led me to experiment and discover further wave shaping possibilities. Take output from mix out with crossfade full CW and switch to bipolar, then letting side A oscillate, patch OUT A into XFADE CV and enjoy tone.
two phonogene and a fast crossfade should get you into deep granular territory. For that price you could easily get a CV to midi interface and reaktor or max/MSP
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