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223e polyphonic mode help
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Author 223e polyphonic mode help
any help with 223e polyphonic mode would be a help - I'm not sure what I should be expecting - thanks
radams wrote:
I'm not sure what I should be expecting -

Greatness & Polyphony. 8_)

Can you elucidate upon what is vexing you, kind sir?
polyphony for sure - greatness maybe -
I was figuring that polyphonic mode would join the radio outs selected into the same key group - but I could not get any cv out of any of thebradio outs .

so lets say I had selected radio 6 and 7 on the polyphony page - then selected any number of keys to that group -

coming out of any of the cv outs in 6 to a 261 then out of any cv outs in 7 to another

I was getting no voltage change out of any - tried all of them

I was expecting that I would be able to activate two keys in the same group and have voltages sent to two ( or 3 or 4 ) different places

I don't have the manual sheet so I am just poking around and guessing
if I could get a bit of help with a basic patch that would be great

give me a call randy...
This one slipped my mind. Sorry about that and I trust that you've got it sorted at this point.

For those just joining this discussion, and seeking similar help, please be sure to assign voltages to the keys. They default to 0V output. This could be why it feels like nothing is happening. If your 222/223 is generating a pulse on the output, then you know it is working. Verify this by patching the red Pulse outputs to either a 281e input or the Mod Osc Waveshape Input on a 261e in order to see the Pulse's voltage spike.

My issue at the moment:

Polyphony is weird on the 223e. Try the following on a duophonic patch:

1) Assign however many keys you wish to Radio 6 & 7 and do the needed connections to your 281e, 292e and pair of oscillators. You can use the Mod and Principal of one Osc, if you wish.

2) Make sure that your "R" and "S" (the joysticks) are not assigned to the Radio Groups 6 & 7.

3) Play two notes and you should experience duophony.

4) Whilst sustaining these notes (be sure to have ASR selected on your 281e) touch the "R" or "S" joystick or any other key that is known to not be assigned to Radio 6 or 7.

5) The first note of your duophonic interval will be stolen. That is to say: "silenced". Even the upper left and right hexagonal keys for the rings/arpeggiator will steal notes.

I think that this could be used as a cool feature
IF the joysticks or other keys are intentionally assigned to the Radio Groups. As it is now, if I fire off the arpeggiator or want to use the joystick for modulation, a sustained note will be dropped.

Firmware 30.1 for the KIP section and 30.2 for the Arp section.

Can someone please confirm my problem description? Thanks.
Thanks Kent , I did get it sorted out and tried a few poly patches . I'll have to test out your patch and see what happens .
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