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Moog Footpedal FP-201 with 2.0 firmware Q
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Author Moog Footpedal FP-201 with 2.0 firmware Q
has anybody tried the midi2cv of the fp201- with 2.0 firmwar so far?
I´m curious how good/ fast it is (compared to a, say kenton pro solo-)
also the quality/usage of the lfo´s really make me thinking...

When I get 2.5 seconds to do so, I'll try it and then post back here. I just loaded the 2.0 firmware in there and then had to bug out to Ireland in order to kick it with SandyB. I'll try it in the next couple of days and get back to you.
I am interested in this as well, due to the added functionallity of the MIDI/CV as well as the envelope generators that they have added as well. Put that together with the LFO's, expression pedal and patch memory, this pedal looks like it could be a worthwhile addition to a live modular setup!
i'm thinking about buying one too, after my nightmare experience with the moog ep 2.
They're awesome and I've read of others ditching their Kenton's after the firmware update-- I can't comment personally on using it with a MIDI controller, though I haven't read of any issues with speed..

The new HADSR section is killer and can be triggered by the footswitches, treadle, or MIDI notes if using that route. Tap tempo works great now, though I use it MIDI synced to a master clock. The Ringmod can be used as a faux VCA with its envelopes into the Carrier... been experimenting making percussion with my 'pedalboard' with that new functionality, so many things to try with the MP. smile

The MIDI synced LFOs do not have a phase adjustment parameter, though its supposed to come next update, which limits it a bit for filter modulation for me anyway, but for other uses it sounds fine(ie PWM, vibrato, slower/faster phase or flange,etc), and that's my only gripe with the pedal at the moment (though I can make do by riding the exp pedal with ADSR going at least). Anyway, I could go on, but basically I love it and its opened up a whole new world for me- great piece of kit.
this pedal sound very intriguing.
how does one install firm ware updates?
this pedal sound very intriguing.
how does one install firm ware updates?

USB to computer/sysex
Just an update on the speed of the MIDI/CV--- I just got a MIDI keyboard hooked up to my pedalboard which has a few oscillators at the beginning of my chain (normally used with bass guitar), and the MP201 converting the pitch CV for the osc's and Gate/EG for the Ringmod acting as VCA--- works like a charm, the keyboard tracking is excellent and feels like im using the Novation X-Stations built in sounds, but sounds way fatter!! Such a great unit, it has opened many doors and expanded my horizons big time- with a few quick cable changes and switching presets, I can go from playing my bass through the pedalboard&hard synced oscillators, to playing it with a MIDI keyboard and even more oscillators (ie lowpass filter). The Ringmod sound amazing as an oscillator, but unfortunately must be used as VCA in this setup, but its all good, still very happy with it. Good times. nanners
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