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Author 4ms ROW POWER
Thank you !
Any further word on pricing? I assume this will work with a Cincon brick, right?
Powered by laptop-style DC power supply: 2.1mm barrel, positive center, 15V-20V.

Can't wait for this be available, need some juice !
Can these be ordered yet? I see them on the site but there is no pricing.
I'm putting together a small two row system that should be accommodated by the Row Power 30 for power but it has 18 modules. Can three bus cables be split off somehow?
My DIY case is almost finished, need power badly, but still no news on ROW POWER release date.

You can already preorder it on Analogue Zone, the price is 97,99 euros for ROW POWER 30 and 157,99 euros for ROW POWER 40.

Hopefully these will be out soon screaming goo yo

Any news about the availability ?

Anytime I ask it is only two weeks away. Got fed up with waiting and lack of proper info, ordered Doepfer power supply today.
nofuture wrote:

Any news about the availability ?


We've got a bunch of ROW POWERs and are just waiting on the flying bus cables and new, low-profile low-cost distro boards. Should be by the end of the month!
Nice !

Thanks for the answer, impatient to get one !
Any sign of the Row Power in any shops yet? (More imaptience here razz)
Just spotted it at Moog Audio:
NU wrote:
Just spotted it at Moog Audio:

We dont have them in stock @ moog yet, hopefully soon!
OK! They're officially ready and we've started shipping to dealers.

We have Row Power 30's, Row Power 40's, and accessories:
-Flying Bus Cables (both male and female versions)
-Bus Stick (a low-profile mini passive distro board)
-Power Brick
-Barrel Jumper cables (for daisy-chaining Row Powers)

You can see more info on our site:

Note that we aren't shipping direct to customers yet, only to dealers (unless there's no dealer in your region, such as South America).
I'm wondering how the trial went for those who were trialing it?

Hoping some wigglers currently using ROW POWER can speak up!

I'm planning on upgrading ASAP.

thumbs up
I am also interested in any user experiences.

Thinking about replacing my 4 X 6U Doepfer cases with a single custom built case powered by couple of Row Power supplies.
Idem, advice on ROW POWER vs Linear PSU would be great, I'm hesitating between those two possibilities.
I tested one, and feel that its a perfectly fine power supply. It had a lower noise floor than my other switching supply I tested it against.

One thing that is not the fault of the Row Power, but certain modules are very noisy/whiny with many switching supplies. Namely Pamela's Workout and to a slightly lesser extent, Trigger Riot. So, unless you want to power these on their own separate control skiff (which is what I do) I'd go for a linear supply.

I will also say that some oscillators that have been prone to bleeding, were at their lowest with the Row Power compared to my other power, ie almost imperceptible.

It's a good product overall, so go for it!
on a somewhat related note, when will the modular rows be available at distributors for sale?
Any word on availability?
thiagozt wrote:
Any word on availability? power-40

I've some question about the ROW Power:

I saw that there is 2 keyed connector for the bus board / flexible bus board.
Is it possible to chain the flexible bus boards ?
Like have 2 flexible bus board connected to the 4ms ROW Power and then 2 connected to the first male connector of each one of the 2 that are connected to the module ? (I ask this because 13 connector is a bit light for a PSU that can supply 1.5(+12V)/1.3(-12V)/1.5(+5V))

I also saw that it accept 15 to 20 VDC as Power Supply.
So would it be possible to chain one 4ms ROW Power with a uZeus if I put the PSU in 15VDC (the one that is sold by 4ms) without any risk weird issue ?
Do someone actually try to do that and made some test about possible issues caused by this ? (Hum ? Greater Noise Floor ? Greater Heat ? VCO Tracking differently ? )

Yes you can chain flying bus boards.

Not sure about chaining to a uZeus, no experience.
And other thing come to my head...

The cord that link the Power Brick from 4ms to the plug on the wall is from USA/EU and work in 110/230 VAC depending on where you buy it right ?
( I'm going to order it from Schneidersladen so it should be in 230 VAC and DE outlet right ?)
Can I safely cut the cord and put a Swiss outlet instead of the US / EU one ? or it's not recommended ?
( I do this each this I buy something in EU and had no problem until now, but well there's going to be all the modules powered by the 4ms ROW POWER so I don't want to fry them all just because of this... )

Still interested to know if someone tried to chain a 4ms ROW POW & a uZeus.
there was no Cord ( from Brick to 220V outlet) , you buy your own. (it has the small 3 pin plug)
thats how i got mine from 4ms . ( the first batch units )

the 4ms has a direct 15V out, to chain "PSU modules".
Though, their plug isn´t fitting the uZeus.
you would have to solder a own connector cable,
you can get cheap bricks for uZues from Reichelt for example
Just ordered a ROW to go with a uZeus so I'd be interested in the compatibility matter too.

Soldering a new cable together isn't a problem, but is there any other reason it couldn't work (or worse, damage things)?
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