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AFG bleed through noise on the bus?
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Author AFG bleed through noise on the bus?
I have an AFG in the top row of a 9u A-100p9. On that same bus is the Frequensteiner. Plugging into just the Frequensteiner I can hear the AFG and when I move the frequency knob around I can hear the frequency changing.

Is the AFG just noisy like this? The Hertz and Z3000 don't seem to have the same issue. Considering moving the AFG to another bus to see if that helps.

Anyone else have any input on this before I start moving stuff around?

To clarify. NOTHING is patched or plugged in other than my line out from the Frequensteiner to my mixer.
It's your frequensteiner. This is a fairly common problem with that filter. It picks up signals from other modules.
Ah. Makes sense. Wondering if putting it on a bus without an OSC will help? Thinking about shifting around my modular to have the freqst. on a bus with nothing but ADSR, mixers, etc.

I'll let you know how that goes.
I had this problem and solved it by using a Power One PSU rather than the Doepfer PSU I was using. Though that may have just been a coincidence.
I think with it's multitude of waveforms, the AFG is the 'loudest' oscillator in my setup, and yea it bleeds the most into my Frequensteiner.

I found that putting a filter like the Boogie into self oscillation produces a hot enough signal that it too will bleed audibly into the Frequensteiner.

I also found that plugging the Frequensteiner into a different bus board than modules that put out such hot signals will minimize (but not eliminate) the bleed.

I'm using my own cases, built around the Doepfer DIY kits and, at least in my case(s), many modules have long enough ribbon cables that they can plug into the busboard that's behind the row of modules below, so while my Frequensteiner is mounted right between my AFG and Boogie, it isn't on the same bus board.
I'm also experiencing bleed but it's not really bothering me. It reminds of my good ol' Roland RS09 which had a wonderful "hold all keys down"-bleed. Made a very nice noise.
It is the Frank filter that does this bleeding. The rez knob is also scratchy on this filter. That is the nature of a great sounding filter. Love the sweet spot on this filter.
That scratchy resonance pot has always bugged me, I wish there was a fix/mod for that.
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