Plan B Model 25 review (NOW WITH MP3!)

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Plan B Model 25 review (NOW WITH MP3!)

Post by sgnhh » Thu May 29, 2008 4:23 pm

I got this in today and I'm just going to do some points on my early impressions

- For it's size (10 HP), I'm extremely happy with what it does: waveshaping, attenuating, white and pink noise (along with a dedicated white noise out), audio VCA, ring modulator, fuzz.
- When you patch out from the waveshaper/attenuator without anything patched in you can select between white and pink noise, but the dedicated white noise out really adds a lot to the functionality of the module without taking up precious space.
- I don't often use VCAs, so I can't really comment on this one--it does have a velocity in which is catered for midi-to-cv, but since I don't use midi, I can't hear what's special about it. I've been feeding both the unity gain VC in and the velocity VC in the same CV and getting what sounds like the same results.
- The ring mod section is interesting... the Feedback switch adds some very subtle harmonics. Seems to do more for sine waves and triangle waves than square waves and saw waves.
- If you feed the ring mod section two ins from the same signal it turns into a fuzz device. I noticed that this seemed to work opposite of the ring mod in Feedback mode--the fuzz REALLY affects squares and sawtooths, but sines and triangles are much less interesting. However, the result from all the waveforms I've put into it are still relatively subtle--this thing isn't going to completely dirty your sound (which I sort of wish it did).

All in all I think it's a great module. If you were to pick up all the Doepfer modules that do what this one module does, it would probably you cost you three or four times the space and you'd probably spend the same amount of money. Add in the uniqueness of the Feedback switch with it's fuzz capability and this little thing is definitely worth investing in to.

edit: Here's a link to a short MP3 I made using all parts of the M25:

Other modules used here are the M15 VCO, M28 Tap Clock, M10 Polyphonic Envelope, Harvestman Polivoks VCF, and a Doepfer multi. If you want more details I can write out the patch, otherwise the first ten seconds there's no feedback or waveshaping, then for ten seconds I switch on the feedback, and then everything after is with the wave shaping turned up. Then I just let it play. There's no external effects or anything else going on other than those modules. The delay sounding effect is coming from the Feedback switch (I think). For some reason with the waveshaping on and with the knob not being tweaked, the patch is playing itself in different ways. There's some odd variations that are occurring between pulses and I'm not sure why... If anything this shows that the bottom and top parts work great together as a distortion.

edit 2: actually the delay sounding effect isn't coming from the feedback switch, considering it's most prominent in the first ten seconds. I think it's a combination of the VCA and just the way I have things patched.

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Post by felix » Fri May 30, 2008 8:50 pm

oooh, that does sound neat. The squealing (and the short pre-squeal) were particularly interesting sound too.
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Post by D/A A/D » Sat May 31, 2008 12:03 am

I can't wait for mine!

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