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A quick "Hello"
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Author A quick "Hello"
Hey all

I'm still new to Muff's and modular synthesis, but I've been poking around on here for a little while and thought it's time to say "hello"!

I took a photo for my friend to brag on the various instruments I have acquired this year (many of them off the FS page here!) and wanted to pop it up and I figure since I have decided to go with WIARD as my primary focus for now I would post it here!

Bits and pieces for now, I know, but I have modest plans for this year.. And probably many questions to follow.. 8_)

I have already privately met MANY awesome people on here, and thank you all for helping a newbie, I am happy to be a part of this and hope I can add something in time, as well.

Wiard Wiard Wiard

Happy new year everyone!

(obviously this was just setup for a fashion shoot, not practical application..) hihi
Welcome! I see you are going for a no-filter, strong FM style synthesis method so far with your Wiard setup smile

I can't tell you how many times I almost bought an Oberkorn, except to say that it is at least once every time the famous blue Milton comes up for sale and I can't afford it very frustrating

Filter free since 2013!!

Early on this years to-get list are filters.. I have a lead on a few 1200 modules, but I need to fill the case out with 2 more 300 modules, so we'll see..

I got the Oberkorn at an amazing price, and I love using it for almost everything, but the Sequantizer is fun too!

This is fun! This is fun!
Welcome! w00t
sup dawg
Well I just looked at the blue Milton and drooled a little.. Now I want one too. They are usually pricey I assume?

thumbs up
There are two blue Miltons that I know about - Gary Chang's, and mine. Mine is more or less broken (it runs, but rarely straight, and has several smaller issues). I did find a trustable sounding tech, but the repair is currently on hold. Same for a dual Ryk M-185 in Wiard look (blue aluminium, Davies 1900H replica knobs, 4U/ 19" like the Milton; engraved font looks like Metalbox though - Paul, I think you'd love it).

These are very cool sequencers and lots of fun to combine with the Sequantizer - as far as they work, which can currently get almost as unpredictable as a Noise Ring or a well-clustered Woggle Bug though. If you guys have any questions about them, go ahead. I'm keeping this post short in order to not "hijack the thread" as the saying goes and also since they aren't Wiard products.
Well Goddamn. Nice..

we're not worthy we're not worthy we're not worthy
Yup. BTW I confirmed with Peter Grenader that there are only those two blue Miltons I mentioned. The blue 185 is most likely a one-off, but Josh Holley, who built it, would have to confirm.

The Milton resembles the Buchla 246 and the Wiard Sequantizer, the 185 is closer to the Buchla 248 MARF. Plus/ minus some features on each. BTW that pic is from the previous owner, I'll try to take a HD one in their current habitat.
Beautiful system. w00t I've always dreamed of a 300 series system. Maybe one day...
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