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video editor advice
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Author video editor advice
might have more than one questions her,

tried a demo of Premiere CS3 and found it very easy to learn and work but have that glitch frame thing when performing either video edits or video effects very frustrating anyone knows something more about this

Avid, demo was nightmare, very hard to learn and simple routines made almost hidden specially when compared to Premiere

any other suggestions for something easy to learn and work, Mac or Pc
Premiere has made huge strides in the last few versions. CS6 and now CC are really excellent editing programs. Anything before CS5 was garbage.

If you don't like Avid, you're pretty much stuck with Premiere, FCPX, or iMovie.
coming from a noob perspective, Premiere is my go-to. I can't deal with Final Cut, iMovie works great but just can't do a lot of tricks, and I don't know anything about Avid
I have gotten along well with Final Cut 6 and 7. I have started learning X but it's been hard for me coming form 6 and 7 because it is so different. Imovie can really do a lot as well. Depends on your needs. What is your end goal or what type of material are you working on?
Stay away from FCPX. The magnetic timeline is the worst invention in the history of video editors.

Premiere Pro CC is my new go to after FCP 7
iMovie works nice but want more control options with video and text, not doing anything fancy basic cuts, anyone know something more about that glitch frame freeze when editing in Premiere?
Worth checking out Sony Vegas Pro. An affordable alternative to the more mainstream progs and quite capable.

I use it for all my video editing & production these days (my videos here)
It is worth looking into Adobe Creative Cloud. You'll be up to date and there is a lot of support for beginners.
We're trying the Creative Cloud. Damn I miss having a hard copy manual. Printer print. :(
I highly recommend Sony Movie Studio Platinum. I've done almost all of my YouTube videos in it and it's only about $80. Very easy to use.
stk wrote:
I use it for all my video editing & production these days (my videos here)

eek! eek! eek! eek! eek! eek! HOLY CRAP! Your stuff is awesome! we're not worthy we're not worthy we're not worthy we're not worthy we're not worthy we're not worthy
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will def look at Sony, bit diss/ with Premiere but worth checking new CS version
Thanks John smile
Smoke on a Mac for me.

I came from using a Flame, it's amazing that I can get something which is so powerful to work on my laptop.
I use Avid and Final Cut Pro 7 both are very versatile - however, they are even more expensive than Smoke is. If you are not working in a shared environment, you can use whatever you like and/or is available to you.
Necrobump. I need to edit some modular videos (and am on my way to getting into video synthesis) is there a preferred video editor that is pretty cheap and works on windows in 2018? I need to edit clips, add audio, and add text on top.

Seems like the consensus in 2014 was either get a monthly license for Premiere or get into Sony Vegas. Anyone tried Lightworks?
I’ve never used Lightworks personally but I was a Final Cut user for years, now I use Premiere to do all my video editing, it’s hard to beat the features for the monthly price tag to boot. Also, it comes with Media Encoder which is super useful for outputting variety of formats/codecs. 2 cents
I've tried Lightworks when it came out, but never really learned how to use it.

Resolve has a free version that can also be used as a video editor. Very promising, including audio editing and VST support. I can't say more as I have only done test projects in Resolve. The controller support is great.
Davinci Resolve is free and has good editing functionality. Is started out as a colour grading solution but does so much more in it's current version.
It supports OpenFx and also has the very elaborate Fairlight Audio functionality.

Do check the system requirements to see if your PC or Mac can run it comfortably.
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