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phantastron question
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Author phantastron question
Hi Luigi
in one of the older picture threads of your work there was a phantastron/tube vco. did you build it from a electric western/lorin parker kit and how do you power it. most of all is it worth the effort to put it in a modular?
for me theres something magical about tubes, soundwise they add an epic crunch to most things and more than occasionally make a wonderful mess of everything smile
thanks, michael
Hey there!!! I did indeed build it from the electric western kit.... I have the power section wired to a barrel jack in the back of my case... and then i plug it's own power barrel into it from the wall. It's kind of a pain....... but SO SO SO worth it! i'm in the middle of re paneling all of my diy stuff into a suitcase o' copper panels... and i'm building a second one to go with the original wink
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