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ADDAC Systems Open letter to Promoters and Musicians
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Author ADDAC Systems Open letter to Promoters and Musicians

ADDAC System

At ADDAC System we’re always excited to hear about festivals, events or performances where modular synthesizers are used.
We're also always interested in doing colaborations with such events, being sponsors, doing showcases, workshops, performing...

If you're promoting such events we'd love to hear about it, drop us a few lines about it.

We're also commited to help musicians using modular systems promoting shows in Lisbon, Portugal.
We already established partnerships with local venues in order to promote events where modular synthesizers are used.
So if you're planning some EU tour and still have no shows in Portugal let us know and we'll try or best to make it happen here as well.
Also if you'll be performing in Lisbon let us know we'd love to meet and help promoting the event.

Looking forward in hearing from you.

All the best,

Paranormal Patroler

Still waiting to hear back from you about the prospect of an Athens showcase. thumbs up


Might wanna post that in the general modular/euro as well to reach as many folks as possible thumbs up

Paranormal Patroler

Never got a reply waah


this may sound crazy but I noticed that you're based in Lisbon and the only other music related thing I know about Lisbon is that Panda Bear from Animal Collective lives there with his family. I don't know if he's had any modular experience, but he's used lots of synthesizers and samplers, and he's always pushed new ground sonically with each release. he and his band sit at the top of the indie rock scene.

I bet someone you know in Lisbon knows him. perhaps you could meet with him and show him what your system can do. in my mind, a collaboration like this makes perfect sense. of course I'm a AnCo/Panda Bear fan, and a modular fan, but a Panda Bear album made on a modular would be incredible.


PM'd 8_)

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