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any opinions on this set up ?
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Author any opinions on this set up ?
this is the set up i'm aiming towards for my first foray into modular,
i'm starting with 6 U and hope to expand to 9 U next year.

i've already bought almost the first two rows, but i'm still flexible on the last few modules for the 6U. ( i havent bought the quantizer and sequential switch yet )

i decided on a combination of old school and esoteric, rather than going for a rack full of weird modules to start with, for various reasons;

1 / i'd like to ease into it with modules i understand from my experience with analogue synths, but sprinkled with interesting modules like the QMMG and Maths.
2/ i make quite soulful techno which is experimental from a mathematical point of view, ( polyrhythms etc.) rather than full blown experimental stuff, but i want to get more experimental i as go along.

i already have a sherman filterbank 2, 2 x SH101s, Moog Voyager, Prophet 08, TB303, TR 909, Kenton Pro2, to intergrate with the modular (i'm making a patchbay for this) and i'm using cubase as a midi sequencer.

the modules in the planner are not in any particular order, except that the 3rd row is what i aim to buy next year.

anyone got any opinions ?
thanks in advance
I like this layout.
wetterberg wrote:
I like this layout.

thanks for responding, i needed to know that i'm not completely loosing the plot.
i guess the lack of hertz donut will not impress some folk, but it was a choice between that and the AFG for the same sort of money, and i think the AFG is more my thing to be honest.
i suppose i need to be shaken out of my old school ways. give me time.

now its time to start putting it all together hyper
mixing seems to be be pretty sorted, but i think you will definitely need more multiples and passive attenuators!
Babaluma wrote:
mixing seems to be be pretty sorted, but i think you will definitely need more multiples and passive attenuators!

yeah i was thinking that, ouch what am i going to lose ? very frustrating

how many do you think i'll need for the 6U ?
well i reckon that 9u could do with at least 4 multiples, 1 more mixer, and some passive attenuators for those module function inputs or outputs which don't already have them.

i have 16u of frac rack and that includes 5 mixers, 8 multiples, 12 or more modules capable of acting as VCAs and 12 passive attenuators. and i still run out of mixers from time to time!
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