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Waving the white flag of surrender
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Author Waving the white flag of surrender
I just purchased two Anti-oscillators. Grant and Josh have pulled me into Euroland after years of stubborn denial SlayerBadger!

I was going to get the little Doepfer PS just to run these puppies and mount them in my wooden 3U row, but come on now, that's absurd with the Anti-Envelope and who knows what else coming. So as much as it pains me, I'm going to drop for whole rack and PS. I'm thinking two Anti-Osc, two Anti-Env...that leaves 20 HP, which could be two Envelators, or and Envelator and an Spring Chicken, or...two EuroWiard Mixolators? smile

The only available Euro final mixer/VCA that seems on par with the Mixolator's features is the Cwejman VCA-2P. Right? And that puppy is $500.

So. Rock on Grant and Josh.

Wiard Wiard Wiard Wiard Wiard Wiard Wiard Wiard Wiard Wiard
plord wrote:
EuroWiard Mixolators?

I'll take two, k thanx

Wiard Wiard
I'd take 2+ as well. The Cwejman stuff sounds good, but I still think the prices are unnecessarily high for most of it. I wish more euro manufacturers would come out with "nice" mixers, so I can get the doepfer out of my audio path.

You've made a good choice, plord wink. I'm kind of doing the same thing you are, but in reverse. I'm trimming my euro stuff down to mostly Wiard/Malekko modules and some others I can't live without, with plans to build a 6u (Wiard 300) over 9u (Euro) custom rack to house it all.
science wrote:
I wish more euro manufacturers would come out with "nice" mixers, so I can get the doepfer out of my audio path.

For real... I ordered an Oakley Classic VCA today (ring mod too) to replace my uber-shitty 131, I hope to god its a significant sonic upgrade. I've been avoiding buying a Cwejman mixer for output in hopes of seeing the mixolater come to euroland.

I'll probably dump my M10 for a Euro envelator, too. Seeing 300 series modules transmogrified to Euro makes me giddy like a school girl. applause

Thanks be to Grant and Josh
So are euro mixolators in the works?
Welcome, the water's fine!

The anti-oscillators are great! You'll love it!

It sounds like Josh and Grant have big plans for euro Wiard. Which is great for me. hyper

(it also appears it is a great source of income for them because it seems they sell a few. Mr. Green
Euro Wiard Mixolators are NOT officially in the works. I am just pleading, and complaining about the lack of reasonable alternatives, publicly smile

Grant, I'm almost positive, would strongly prefer to work on new modules. I understand and support that! So the Mixolator may never happen, but hey, a guy can dream.

Right now, I'm dreaming of an affordable 3U Euro subrack with power MY ASS IS BLEEDING very frustrating
Ok, thanks.
I won't get my hopes up then. seriously, i just don't get it
Welcome to the dark side - It's not so bad!

One thing Euro has going for it is the sheer number of more "esoteric" modules that simply aren't available in other formats (PLL etc). That's what enticed me to the format although I have recently branched out into fracland.

I would just like to amplify the call for a EuroWiard Mixolator.

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