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Complementing a Cwejman S1
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Author Complementing a Cwejman S1
I'm in the process of purchasing a Cwejman S1, and now I'm thinking about which modules I should pick up next to best complement it; both in terms of utilities, and other sound sources/modifiers that will bring different flavours to my setup. (I currently have an AFG, a Frequensteiner and a Saw Animator, with a QMMG and a Maths on order.)

Any thoughts on what should come next? Normally I would wait 'till I've used the thing for a while, but with analogue haven's sale, it seems like a good time to pick up a couple another module or two!
get a Doepfer Spring reverb, an A-149, a Quantizer and maybe a wogglebug and of course a 155/154 combo. I know Doepfer is not a boutique company anymore but these moduls are a must have!
You'll probably want a bunch of boring stuff like mixers, mults & DC-coupled VCAs. Any of the Cwejman add-ons (besides oscillators) would be cool. Delays & other effects (Tyme Sefari) would be ideal. Metasonix R-series. A Plague Bearer (two actually). STG Wave Folder. A Wretch Machine would be a polar opposite!
if you don't have them (seems like you don't from your description) i would highly suggest picking up boring-but-important stuff the s1 lacks. mixers, multiples and switches. these are cheap (ish) but incredibly necessary. also, an extra lfo or two wouldn't be a bad idea either.

also, congrats! the s1's amazing. i miss mine sometimes and contemplate buying again :(
as a fellow S1mk2 user, I third the suggestion of mixers, mults, switches.

and Attenuators! And more modulators, so many VCAs on the S1mk2, need more envelopes and LFOs for sure.

plus some other filter flavors - depending on taste. and of course a waveshaper and sequencer if you are into that...
Thanks guys.

Yeah, mixers and mults go without saying. At the moment I'm thinking:

  • Matrix mixer (probably the evin209)
  • A-138c
  • A-138e
  • ad infinitum rackmount mult

That should cover most of the bases with a lot of flexibility, I think. I'm not sure what you guys mean by switches though, something like the A-150?

More modulators are high on the list, although the Maths should be plenty to start with. I'll probably pick up a vulcan modulator and/or a uLFO.

I'd like more filters as well; I'm particularly drawn to the Borg, but I'm not sure how similar/different it is to the QMMG

I'm going to hold off the effects for the moment, until my setup's a bit more complete

for me the main lack of the S1 is a decent LFO

getting a uLFO help to solve that, maybe a cwejman DLFO or a pair of maths could be awesome...the uLFO adds another flavor of sound, maybe a bit more "analog" that complement well the "precise" character of the S1`s oscillators
I would suggest a Plague Bearer too. Maybe a VCF like the Doepfer Wasp to add more color. The S1 is such a great instrument.
Ha Ha, Kent, That's funny! The Wretch Machine is the polar opposite of the S1 Mk II! It's so true; good call!
I wish I was bi-polar then. SlayerBadger! waah

Heh a wretch machine would be quite cool, but I'm limiting myself to one semi modular synth a year hihi

In any case, my first priority will be some LFOs and some utilities. Thanks for the help guys!
a nice, quite high-end complement from blacet would be:

2 x MX2040 Mixer
2 x Multi2210 Multi / Attn
2 x LFO2430 LFO
1 x SB2780 Splitter
1 x SB2790 Mixer

all this fits perfectly in one row of fracrack and addresses the most relevant shortcomings (missing options) of an S1 (from my perspective).
That's a nice set of functionality, but I'm not sure I want to add frac to my setup. I could fit all that and more into a row of euro anyway...

I did a module for connect the rear panel of my S1 and S2 to the front panel.

This more two Tesseras:

And two SERGE VCS, complement the S1 pretty well (for my use)

For different sounds a pair of TEEZER (TZFM SAW VCO)


That's something I've been wondering, is it worth bringing out the rear IO to the front? I know some of it is duplicated on the front panel, but I'm not sure exactly what, or if the rest is useful...
What I use more is the MIDI to CV outputs, specially the gate and trigger outputs for two midi channels. Usually for control other modules.

Midi Converter Outputs:
*Gate 1 and Trigger 1 responds at selected midi channel.
*Gate 2 and Trigger 2 responds at selected midi channel+1 (if selected midi channel is 1, these gate and trigger will respond at channel 2)
*Master outputs the CV1 + all controls in the master section (Modulation level, glide, transpose, fine tune and pitch bend of the keyboard)
*CV1, CV2, CV3 and CV4 are copies of the front panel (duplicated outputs that you ask). I think could be useful at least the output for CV1 that its the pitch.
*S-Trigg I never used.

Analogue Inputs:
*CV, Trigger and Gate to the master, could be useful.
*S-trigg Never needed never used

is it worth bringing out the rear IO to the front?

In my opinion yes. It could be done with a 8hp width front panel and is an easy module to do.

Better solution will be make an only 4hp width module with the more useful in/outputs. In my opinion would be, Outputs: CV1, Master, Gate1, Trigg1, Gate2, trigg2 and Inputs:CV,Gate and trigg. That are 9 Jacks.
Think, but, that you will need connect the cables trough the case where you will place the module.
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