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Future Sound Systems.
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Author Future Sound Systems.
Kendall Station
Has anyone bought their stuff? Notions? Experiences? Premonitions?
I'd also be interested to know!

I want more details about the SEQ1 Mini-Seq. Does it spit out one CV and one Gate/Trigger, 8 steps right? From the website it seems like it is available in Frac, which has me all interested... How wide is the Frac version?
we have a fss section to the forum. i'll stick this there so maybe he can answer in person.
I want to know too!!! hyper
Hey guys!

First off, everything has undergone a slow but gradual change in production in terms of PCBs and panels. Thus, the modules have undergone redesigning. Therefore, nothing substantial has been coming off the workbench recently, until now. I have a batch of DC1s coming up to send to Post Modular (once I get the panels cut, I'm currently waiting to hear back from a local workshop) and another to Vortal Systems, both in London. I will then progress to putting some SEQ1s out there. I'm hoping to get some serious work done over the next few months before I go off to study again - I have no idea how the module production will go after September. Output may increase or be restricted to the holidays.

Secondly, due to the new production format (everything is done in batches of at least 10) there won't be such a huge freedom of choice with the modules any longer - custom work if needed will (probably) be more expensive, though hopefully not by much. I'm beginning by putting a few modules out in Euro format, but then I hope to get some batches out in Frac and MOTM. I think it's a shame how a lot of designs are restricted to Euro so I really want to get the choice of format back, it'll just take a while.

Thirdly, I REALLY need to update the website. Hopefully a domain will be coming soon too. A few of the designs have been scrapped and replaced by modules with the same functionality bettered AND more.

The SEQ1 in Frac format, once it eventually comes out, will probably be two widths in size (like the Blacet Binary Zone for reference to size), though if it can't be squeezed down to one width, there will be some extra goodies fitted to the front panel (probably multiples). There is only a CV output on the SEQ1, the gate is normally taken from the clock that feeds the SEQ1.
thanks for the info! i'd really like to see a panel mock up of the new frac seq1, as i may well be interested. god luck with ramping up production!
I bought their decade counter; works like it should.
Harlan Mueller
No I didn't yet meh
Can't wait for the new filter..
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