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BugMod Excess Stock SelfOff
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Author BugMod Excess Stock SelfOff
The Modular side of things has been asleep the last 6 months and is unlikely to revive any time soon (or, indeed, in the same form - thoughts do remain quite modular, but..)

I've had some modules sat unsold since I stopped, so thought I'd offer them out now.
Be well aware:
- NO other bits are available from me (power, frames, other modules), nor are they likely to be anytime soon! These are sold on that understanding so are aimed at people already running banana frac systems of some form.
All come with my standard MTA100 power cables - no problem to include MTA100-to-156 cables if you're running from a Blacet PSU/Distro - just let me know.
Shipping extra - my standard rates.
VAT @ 20% has to be charged on any UK/EU sales.

SEQ2A 2 Bit Bin Mux @ £95 (I never did a proper product page!) - GONE
CLK3A Triple Logic @ £80 - GONE
DD2 LFO/DC-Mixer @ £80 - GONE
UTL2 Output Mixer @ £60 - GONE
UTL2C Matrix Mixer @ £130 - GONE

UTL3 Dual VCA @ £90 - GONE
UTL4 Dual DC-Mixer @ £80 - GONE

Cheers, Tom

PS - for ease of contact please email: tom aaaat bugbrand dot co do uk (prefer it to PM)
OK - they's all taken...
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> BugBrand Devices  
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