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6U for a Nord Modular Tag-Team -- Advice?
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Author 6U for a Nord Modular Tag-Team -- Advice?
Hello -

So here's another new guy trotting out his beginner's system and asking for your kind advice. There is a twist, however; I am a comfortable, long-time user of the Nord Modular (G1). Ideally I'd like to do a lot of my sound-generation inside the Nord and then run it into my eurorack for additional processing (although I've been having lots of fun just playing with what I've got so far as a self-contained unit). The possibilities here are kind of mind-boggling me right now, especially considering the ability of my Nord to utilize Euro modules in sort of an fx/feedback loop. The music I make is kind of dirty, noisy drone. Here's what I'm looking at picking up (red x's mark things I've already got, the Doepfer LPG is really a Thomas White Buchla clone that I'm working on building). Am I good on modulation sources? Am I glaringly missing anything? I know there are no multiples, but I've got some floating ones on top of my rack. I think this is a pretty good balance between fun, esoteric modules and necessities, but what do you think?

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