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Euro power, dammit
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Author Euro power, dammit
Jesus guys, my eyes are bleeding here. The lack of cheap rack and power solutions for Euro is still the same nightmare that drove me away in the first place.

If I avoid the all-in rack and PS, it looks like the Doepfer DIY kit #1 is the only way to get 1.2A of power and some bus boards without having to assemble a PS. Right?

And since literally every single DIY project I worked on this year is currently farpotchket and in the hands of others for repair (yes, *everything*...Yusynth EMS filter and two AD/ARs are with Scott Deyo, Klee and Quad SS are with Todd Fletcher, MOTM switches I needed Paul S. to help me debug at AHBA, Fromel stereo Dim C sent back to John...), now does not seem like a good time for me to start playing with mains voltage, even with the help of something like the Elby kit (which is the same $ as the Doepfer once it's shipped from Australia).

Am I missing some other legitimate option? Something I can just, you know, BUY? Or, anybody want to make a quick buck and wire me up a 12V Power One in an idiot-proof, fused and IEC mains socketed, mountable in a 3U wooden cabinet format?
unintentional states
As I feel somewhat similar, I've been waiting with bated breath for a follow up on this ModularWorld twitter post:

We are testing the packaging and working on other various affairs for selling PSU/Power board. They will be available to be bought soon. 11:43 PM Oct 26th from web
I have the same fears for all my DIY stuff, which is why I mostly just look at it.

I never had any intentions of messing with mains voltage and putting together my own rack until I started looking at how cheap you can get very nice NOS power supplies that are 3.4 amps for +/- 12 of 15 VDC on ebay. I also stumbled across a post Muff had a while back that had some step by step instructions on how to wire up the power-ones. That has given me so much confidence that I am still staring at the PSU's in their boxes! sad banana

I think I am ready to take the plunge now, though.

Someone must be willing to help out.

BTW, have you seen the STG distro boards? I ordered a bunch from him and they are quite nice with lots of options for euro, modcan, motm, etc.
I'm confused - you want cheap power AND rack? why not a used Doepfer g6? they sell for $400 and can easily power three rows. The third row could be a scroff or elby rack.

The DIY kit #1 has no mains voltage to mess with, it uses a regulated Wall wart. I use mine with a Digitrax PSU to power 4 rows (one row is a A154/155 though) and have no hum or noise issues. Total consumtion 1000ma.
I built mine into a plastic project box and used XLR to distribute power to my cases. Only tools I needed was a drill and a soldering iron.
A G6 doesn't help me, I can't mount it into my cabinets. A G3 could work but I haven't seen one used recently and they're still overpriced. So I'm backing away from the rack+PS option and looking for ways to get safe power to my wooden cabinet. I would be getting the DIY kit #1 just for the PS and busboard. I'd skip the rails and just screw the modules into the wooden 3U row I have now, moving Frac modules elsewhere to make space.

Which reminds me: what's the behind-the-panel clearance requirement for Euro modules? Frac needs a half inch top and bottom Is Euro more? Less?
I bet you monorocket could be helpful - "anything but the case, please".
What's wrong with the mfb power supply /disro unit /midi to cv converter?
It's cheap and I've heard good thugs about mfb modules
Ah, forgot about the MFB. "Only" 500mA though, so after two Anti-Oscs and two Anti Envs I bet it's full confused

I'll drop a line to the Monorocket and ModularWorld ppl.
plord wrote:
Ah, forgot about the MFB. "Only" 500mA though, so after two Anti-Oscs and two Anti Envs I bet it's full confused

I'll drop a line to the Monorocket and ModularWorld ppl.

Monorocket = awesomeness

That said, I would have thought the AO and AE wouldn't require that much current. I was think maybe 50-60ma each... maybe drop Josh or Grant an email.
AO is definitely in the 100mA range.

AE, nobody knows yet! The only other similar sequencer I know enough about to compare it to is the CGS Sequential Switch (which also has an LED per step plus gate and voltage outs), and that pulls between 100 and 125mA.
Plord when you get some info, post it up! Im in the same boat as you!!!

Shameless Plug!!!! if you do go diy i have some nice euro buss boards for sale in this thread-

If anyone was curious, Xiodaner at ModularWorld has neatly solved this problem for me. 2A power supply and two bus boards (my, that seems...gleefully excessive) en route to me now.

Many thanks to MW for splitting the PS from the lovely case smile
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