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Volta Ring Output
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Author Volta Ring Output
When Volta is sending cv from the tip contact, what is it sending to the ring contact?
Technically speaking, Volta is not generating anything but the CV signal you've configured it to generate at a particular output. The balanced output of the audio interface produces that signal on the tip portion of a TRS jack or pin 2 of an XLR jack, and it produces the same signal phase-inverted on the ring portion of a TRS jack or pin 3 of an XLR jack.
So if these two voltages were to be combined in a stereo to mono cable and sent to say, an oscillator, would it cause a problem?
That depends upon your definition for problem.

For example, imagine that the signal you're dealing with is steady at +3 VDC. That signal appears on the tip portion of the output. The balancing amp in the output inverts the polarity of the signal and transmits that on the ring portion of the output. When you invert the polarity of +3 VDC about ground (0 VDC), you get -3 VDC. Then you want to sum those two signals on a TRS-to-TS cable. What do you get when you sum +3 VDC and -3 VDC?

Like I said, it's only a problem if you expect to have a useful signal after summing…
There's no summing going on here that I can see. You'd simply be shorting the outputs and risking blowing up the output circuitry. Shorting the ring to ground is to be avoided according to MOTU, so shorting +5V to -5V would be that much worse. Don't do it!!
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