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SEM filter for MU?
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Author SEM filter for MU?
Is there a good SEM filter clone for the MU?

What would be your choice for a nice all round multi filter for the MU format?
Thank you!
Dave Peck
There's the state variable filter from Krisp1, located in U.K., which mentions that it is "based around the classic two pole state variable filter topology as used in a variety of vintage synths including the Oberheim SEM ", but I have not had hands-on experience with it.

Info on pre-built versions in MU (Dotcom/Moog style) is here: roducts_id=72

And pre-built 5U (MOTM style) is here: roducts_id=17

And kit info is here, with some brief sound clips:
Synthcube is selling this 74

They also have an MU panel. This is on my todo list. I don't know how "good" it is.
I had the Oakley SVF many years ago, it is certainly in the same family as the SEM filter.
guys you are amazing! thank you for the suggestions, really useful!
Dave Peck
... If you connect the high pass and low pass outputs of the filter modules described above to the two inputs of a cross-fader module, you can recreate the "LP-NOTCH-HP" knob on the SEM. And now you'll have CV control of that filter response mix...
Another thing to consider, depending on the price of the other filters, is just getting a SEM with patch panel. My wife got me one for Christmas (after much hinting about by me).

For the money you get the patch panel, two oscillators, the filter, two envelopes, and a basic LFO. It's not as flexible as a modular, but it has a fair number of patch points and sounds fantastic.

there is no exact 1u Sem clone in MU these days?
Lower West Side Studio offers the Moogah SEM VCF

Not 1U yet Josaka but... CHALLENGE ACCEPTED thumbs up

Stay tuned...

BTW - I personally LOVE this filter and had to remove a bunch of patch cables to quickly snap the photo above. It's always used.
I've added a 2 Minute Tour of the Moogah SEM VCF

thanks Rich.. smile
how close to this stuff is it.. ? (near the start)
the more things I hear the 'drive' seems to be the 'secret sauce' even on the Arturia filter..

The Oakley ASV's filter is a SEM inspired clone. Not exactly 1U wide though...

Two thumbs up for the Oakley ASV SlayerBadger!

I built two already, and just ordered two more sets of PCBS. Going to fulfill my lifelong dream of an Obie 4VS.

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