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Rack mount to rear mount?
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Author Rack mount to rear mount?
I'm a noob, bought a used A100P6 online and was wondering if it was possible to rear mount the power supply. It is in the rack right now.

Do I just cut open a hole, move er and screw er in to the back? Is it more complex that that? I don't have the rack yet so am asking. If I had it, it may be more obvious but am planning ahead so bear with me. Thx.
Are you talkin about the AC power connector ? Moving it from the front to the rear of the case ?
Yes, like in this picture the one coming to me is rack mounted (left picture), I want to know if it would be a big deal to rear mount it (right picture.)

Also to get more noob questions out of the way, if I am sending CV/Gate signals to the rack from my keyboard, do I have to connect them with a grounding wire.

The answer is probably no but I don't want to break anything.
Is the power panel screwed in like a module? I guess you could if so, but if I were you I'd sell that one and get the other model. If you botch the job, your case loses most of it's resale value.
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