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Recommend a drum pad controller
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Author Recommend a drum pad controller
Someone recommend a drum pad controller to me, to replace my MPD24. I like the feel of the pads, but I hate, hate, hate Akai's bug-riddled firmware.

Right now it looks like the choices for finger-playable drum pads are the Korg KAOSS Pad, the Nanocontrol, and the M-Audio Trigger Finger. I need to have velocity sense and the ability to reassign the MIDI notes assigned to the pads. Beyond that, I'm open to ideas.
I have the trigger finger... its absurdly customizable, and is pressure sensitive, while most are only velocity sensitive. The application for it pretty much lets you assign anything to do anything. I love using the pressure sensitivity so that the pad triggers a synth then using the pressure sensitivity and pushing down harder/softer to modulate cutoff/resonance/etcetc. Size is good and it includes knobs/sliders.

With that said, I can't speak for the others you listed.

And remember... m-audio stuff won't work with 64 bit windows!
I highly recommend the Korg padKontrol. My local Guitar Center had all the different brands set up side by side, so I was able to make a reasonable comparison between them. The Trigger Finger feels cheap and doesn't trigger evenly across the pad. The Akai is somewhat better, but the Korg was by far the best. I found a used one cheap, and I've been very happy with it.
Might be overkill, but the Roland HPD15 is something to look at if you can find a good used one for a decent price. I love mine and use it extensively. There are several program editors available on-line that make changing pad assignments a breeze and it has some reasonably cool internal sounds as well.
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