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a patch and track
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Author a patch and track
here is a noise patch I did after listening to some 666 demos:
and here is the patch in the context of a mix of sounds, it is used toward the end:
I don't own a modular, or an analog synth yet, but I visit this board for inspiration and ideas. I use, and love, a micron...for now.
I like. Sounds a lot like a Trog.
Care to share patch details?
here you go, I'm pretty sure they are complete:

osc 1: pulse -3 octave, pitch wheel range is 12 semitones
osc 2: sine -3 octaves, wave shape -24%, pitch wheel range is 12 semitones
osc 3: pulse +5 cents, pitch wheel range is 2 semitones

hard sync osc 2+3>1
Exponential FM 3>2>1, amount 8%

osc levels:
1 is 100%
2 is 26%
3 is 0

Ringmod level is 62%
noise level is 14% (white)

Filter is a lowpass (mg 4pole)

1 .01hz
2. Sample and hold with a global random input source and smoothing set to about 50%

Modulation matrix settings:
S&H output > Osc2 shape 56%
voice random > FM level 48%
lfo 1 (Square) > Osc1 pitch full 10 octave range
pitch wheel > FM level -100%
pitch wheel > drive level -75% (I used the tube amp emulation set at 50%)
tracking generator > FM level (I drew in random points in the tracking generator)

Live tweaking of pitch wheel, Filter cutoff and resonance and LFO 1 Rate...mostly the LFO rate and pitch wheel.
The note played is in the range of C3 to C4
Thanks SlayerBadger!
I'll give it a try on my Micro Q
While I'm at it I should get with Soundcloud.
No problem. If you get something interesting, post it.
Sorry this took so long. Guinness ftw!
Since the architecture is a little different in the Micro Q I took a few liberties with your patch.
Among other things:
Used two filters in serial - A 4pole LP into a 2pole BP and used oscillators 1 and 2 as FM sources for the Filters.

I also included a patch I did that is reminiscent of the kinds of things I hear from my Circuit Bent Talking Teacher. Three random LFO modulating everything and each other.

Both found here
nice....especially the 2nd one.
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