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808 Toms
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Author 808 Toms
Have just finished building a three toms build and have run into two issues:

1. Mid and High tom's tune does not behave right. From pos 0-9 it is tuned below audible range, between 9-10 pos is the full sound range. Same goes for both boards. Have checked cap values, all in order. Which component should I check for range issues?
2. Noise board does not issue pink noise, barely white noise. Have used BC550 instead of 559 and rest are as designed.

Any hints?
Have you just simply replaced the BC559 with BC550? One of them is a PNP, the other one is an NPN transistor.
Doubled checked tranies and have 1 BC559 and the rest are BC550 inplace of the 549. The strange thing is that the low tom works and for all I can tell, apart from the different caps and 2 resistors, all components are the same to the mid and high boards....
Problem solved... very frustrating

Have used 500K pots instead of 500 ohm...
Hi all,

It seems that Erez is not the only one with the noise source problem.

I have the same issue. No noise at all, only hum.

seriously, i just don't get it

Just wondering if anyone could give us a hand on this...
Ok, I was using a +-15V power supply.

With +-12V it works flawlessly.

you kids get off my lawn
whomper wrote:
Problem solved... very frustrating

Have used 500K pots instead of 500 ohm...

That is exactly what i did as well! shit!
I put in some 10k pots just out of intuition and i have a better range but its still not right. Now i know why. very frustrating
Where did you find 500 ohm pots?

I cant believe i overlooked that "K" very frustrating
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