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Haible Triple Chorus - deciding on the features
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Author Haible Triple Chorus - deciding on the features
I’m about finishing my Haible Triple Chorus. Just have to decide about its features. Since I do not want to use more then two frac units (5.5 x 3 inches) I currently intend to skip the following to save panel space:

The Active/bypass switch and the Mod On/off switch.

Since I’ll include the Mixed Output Version 1 as to Bill and Will I think I can do without the bypass:

Version 1 - Switchcraft 112A MIX OUT jack to 10k lin "Mix" POT to DRY and OUT on PCB

Anyone thoughts on the Active/bypass and Mod On/off switches?
have an unbuilt board and chips and have an elkorus v3 and MTI adl100. My feeling is active bypass would be for effects rig use, you know, like having a live chain of fx and activate and bypass them between songs. Seems to me modulation off would be for EQ only use. Don't know how sweet it is for EQ but that ought to determine its inclusion.
e-grad wrote:

Anyone thoughts on the Active/bypass and Mod On/off switches?

I'd say you can skip them both in the modular environment - I don't think I've really used either that much.

Bypass is quite useful in that module.

Mod you can skip as you will have it in the modulate position most of the time. On mine Mod off cuts off the effect so it's quite similar to bypass.
Thanks, all three of you saved me some headache! w00t
Will have to work on the fonds but it will be something like that:

Sorry for necroing this old post but
@e-grad, how did you end up wiring your unit ?

I'd like to hear from people using it what are the best switch connections & options to consider as i plan to use mine principally as an outboard gear (i.e rack), not a module. I especially read somewhere there was a few differences between Linear & Solina switched position so it may be worth skipping it. What u think ?

I think i'll follow Modularsynthesis/MOTM route as it will be easier to build but in the meantime am curious if anyone happens to have a better quality picture of the original J.Haible proto from this page ?

What does the three switches refering to in the middle ?
FX or DRY (ok)
XXHZ or XXHZ (?)
EX or XX (???)
the bad producer
Most of the decent info is on e-m, have you checked there?

Also there is a wiring diagram which may give a clue to the switches, which I imagine are FX on/off, Rolloff and EQ on/off... unfortunately that seems to be the only picture, but i think this is correct!

I didn't really notice much difference between 16kHz and 12kHz roll-off, epsecially when using the EQ - I suppose as I always use the EQ that makes sense!
Lostcity wrote:
Sorry for necroing this old post but
@e-grad, how did you end up wiring your unit ?


I took a serious break. Still not wired up.
Thanks thebadproducer.
I wasn't aware about the thread on so thanks for the link and several information.

No problem e-grad.
I'll post my fpd file once done.
And here it is : Link

Picture :

It's straightworward from what i could gathered from the picture of JH proto posted above. I'll certainly make another bunch of modifications before ordering though.

BTW i'm a little out of the grid (first Schaeffer project) so if anyone have any hint, i'll happilly make modifications accordingly. Although i'm not sure of what is the first switch bottom label and the location of the ouput jack is questionnable. I'll certainly wired it to the back of the unit along with the others 2 individual outputs per BBD.

EDIT: what's the consensus about putting original creator name on the faceplate. Is it a mark of disrepect and should i avoid it ? I think the "based on" design is clear enough but feel free to let me know if it's a better idea to put something else (or nothing at all).
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