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More 266r
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Author More 266r
Having more fun learning to use the 266r for good ol' random generation. I did a little wiggling on the echo regen. But the rest is all controlled by the 266r, including the Integrator taking a "constant time" that was being CV controlled by the 266r. Keep your female whales out of the room, or they may want to mate with you while listening to this..

Sounds great!

I didn't listen until now because it took me a while to convince a female whale to come over. hyper Although . . .she said she was legal in whale-years but I'm not so sure . . . and . . I'm not even sure she's a she but I'm gonna crank it up anyways! hyper Drunken Homer Simpson
What pulse and voltage sources did you use Jim? I have used the noise section into these with mixed results but mostly I find other outside voltages and gate/trigger pulses to send into the QRV &SRV sections.

The RomanF version I have has a very snappy Integrator section. When used for a pitch slew (for instance) the range seems narrow.
Simple question... Anyone know for certain what the one trim pot on the back does? thanks.
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