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Author Suggestions?
Hi, I'm currently building a small 6U system into a suitcase and was hoping for some suggestions on where to go.

I already have the AFG, Maths, Malg., and PB. The blind panel is a LPG I built. I think my next buy is going to be the QMMG, and beyond that, it's all speculation. I'm mostly interested in ambient/post-rock/shoegaze-y things. I might forgo the midi-cv, since I already have a Little Phatty and CP-251, and I'm thinking of getting the cv out mod for the LP.

So, what do you think?
I agree. For this 6u, dump the MIDI to CV converter and get your Lil Phatty converted instead. Is there any way to squeeze in a Tyme Sefari? Barring that, how about another delay? That new Flight of Harmony joint looks nice.
If I drop the VCS, I can fit in the Tyme Sefari. I have a few 281 boards sitting around anyhow, so I could throw those in for more envelopes/whatever. And then there are the klee boards I still have to build, but that's for another rack and another day.

So updated: Bottom two blanks are a LPG and two 281 boards. That leaves a 4hp space on the first row.
Phalanxe, your avatar is awesome!

twisted Devil's Advocate:
I know everyone loves the QMMG, but since you already have a DIY LPG (presumably the Thomas White Buchla clone)...
why not consider a Malekko/Wiard Borg and a Boogie instead?
Then you would have 3 LPGs and more delicious filter variety.
This may take more space (of which you have a little left),
and it would be way better if you got a polarizing mixer to make use of all the Boogie outs among other things.
That said, it would allow you to get all your celtic griffins in a row with that A-O.
Wiard Wiard Wiard
A Dingleberry Monstrosity
since space is so tight, I would personally drop the AFG since it takes up so much space.

cwejman vco-6 is a nice alternative.
seconding those last suggestions and what a doepfer a196 phase locked loop module?
best thing ever to happen to euro imo. its cheap as hell small as hell and bad-assed as hell. woah
oh and a bigger case hihi
if you get the sound of thunder expansion for the tyme sefari, you'd only have 1 blank hp.
281 replaces much of the functionality of the Maths.
DIY LPG replaces much of the functionality of the QMMG.

I say; build your DIY units, get what isn't the QMMG and Maths, then assess the situation from there.
Well, a couple things. I already have the AFG and the Maths, so really, only the Tyme Sefari and the second row are in question (other than the two DIY modules). Ultimately, I'll probably expand to 9U, but I really like the idea of a small system and working with limits - it helps me work.

I'd be willing to drop the QMMG for the other Wiard modules, since the two are the same size and about the same cost. But with the QMMG, I feel like I'd have more diversity with the different modes, at the loss of having less diversity in my filters. That said, I really like the vactrol sound, so I'm not that worried about it.

The other thing I could do is drop the mixer and build my own into the case. I can't fit 9U into the case, but I can fit 6U plus a little bit of extra room, which I plan on using for multiples/whatever. I could probably squeeze some CGS mixers in there, giving me a little more room in the racks.
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