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SympleSEQ V2 "xpand"
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Author SympleSEQ V2 "xpand"
I have recently purchased a pair of SympleSEQ V2 Universal PCBs and have started to build them into a 19" 1RU rack plate. I noticed on the logic board there is 8 solder points with the heading "xpand" I read somewhere that there is no longer plans to expand the SympleSEQ as development has moved onto greener pastures. However I'm very curios to know what the idea/purpose of the 8 solder points was? Is it something that can be used to advantage by someone willing to hack? :-)

dJ dAb
I think those are individual outs per step. One use, I could think of, is to use those for multiple channels of selectable gate messages. I could see an expander panel with a bay of switches alongside the SympleSeq. Hopefully I'm getting warm? Hehe!
I just built a simple seq. for my .com with a resynthesis panel. Definately get the panel for this board. There are a lot of precision holes that you won't want to drill yourself. Very precise.

If those expander nodes are truly gate outs, you might need to buffer them. There's an led buffer chip that 20objects uses for their Ardcore boards that might serve as a buffer, but I'm not certain it's applicable for this use case.
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