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Pere Ubu
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Author Pere Ubu
God this band just floors me. The lyrics are just consistently amazing, the squealing squelching tortured synthesizers, angular guitar, throbbing thrumping galumphing basslines . . . this shit is tight.

I'm listening to Ray Gun Suitcase in-between calls at work, it's keeping me sane (if sanity is a qualifier that can be attached to Pere Ubu . . . )

I think they more than anyone make me want to twiddle knobs!
Modern Dance is a must have album IMHO. thumbs up
I Love them.
Folly Of Youth is a great track btw! MY ASS IS BLEEDING
I like Electricity quite a lot, and Three Things, oh my god, Three Things!
Ken MacBeth
Hi There- just to join in here! Pere Ubu are one of my top bands, and probably influencies on most of the sound that I work on. I play 'modern dance' an awful lot- the singing/vocals are top- the jazz fusion/synth punk/acoustics are top. I saw them in Edinburgh Scotland one night and had the chance to meet the towering David Thomas!
A great f**king band!! Guinness ftw!
"heart of darkness" is awesome. "final solution" also.
Great band. I absolutely love them!

I read a blurb from a book (I think it was "England's Dreaming") about how there were a lot of people in the UK who thought Cleveland was the cultural Mecca of the U.S. in the late 1970s. With bands like Devo, Pere Ubu, and the Dead Boys there certainly was a lot of original music coming out of NE Ohio. I think, if memory serves me right, some British radio station even gave away a vacation to Cleveland to a lucky listener. I bet those folks were in for a surprise when they got into town.. eek!

Growing up in Ohio, and being totally weird, these bands were a huge inspiration for me..
'Dub Housing' is another good one. Well and truly ahead of their time, a great band. Apparently the synth on 'Modern Dance' is an EML (iirc).
brilliant band, as well as "rocket from the tombs".
Absolutely a fan. Saw them open for tmbg maybe in the mid/early 90s in Columbus. The first time I had seen a theremin used. Was a definite o shit moment for me. Looking back, I was exposed to a lot of great music growing up in Ohio.
Yes the box set is a must have.
EML 101 !!
Yeah fantastic use off the eml-101!
Hahaha, cultural mecca. Silly Brits. I guess I can see where they could have gotten confused; the sheer amount of optimism and joy running through Ubu's early work just screams "I love the city that I live in."

we're not worthy Cleveland
30 Minutes Over Tokyo... too. They were so unique - art rock? punk rock? industrial? So many great heavy tunes.
Norman_Phay wrote:
"heart of darkness" is awesome. "final solution" also.

This is exactly what my post would have said. Most Pere is good Pere, but those songs are eye-openers.
i like them, but never got in buying their records apparently
love rocket from tombs!

also check this band from later 70's, more obscure, wild, more free jazz influence
debris "static disposal" their only release, it got reissued a couple of years ago. the have also some primitive electronics going too, amazing in my view
allen Ravenstine really was amazing .I got to see them in a small club.
Modern Dance and 30 seconds over tokyo flipped my wig.
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