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brutal TUBE FUZZ ...
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Author brutal TUBE FUZZ ...
just doing a simple tube fuzz with ecc82 12au7 with 12V. -12V is for the filament.
sound demo not yet, maybe the eurorack module can be a bit smaller.
what do you think?
Thread probably belongs in the DIY forum, but looks cool?
some dudes, same idea??? eek!
module planned for sale for sure meh
I'm curious about the circuit...

Anyway, I would add more knobs. And CV inputs. People generally prefer modules that have more control over the sound.
Total necro-bump, but who's counting?

Hey Trouby. Hey everyone.

I was just considering a Trouby Tube Fuzz to add to my collection of distortion circuits. I love its simplicity, which begs a few questions...

1. I can't find the power requirements for the Tube Fuzz anywhere. Do you (orr anyone) have that spec?
2. Was the Tube Fuzz ever offered as a kit? It looks like it might be good fun for a beginner.
3. The simplicity of the design makes me want the tube accessible from the front for easy tube rolling. Maybe a little cage to keep the tube and circuitry untouched that could be popped open to replace the tube. I'm just spit-balling here.
4. I also love the sound of voltage starved circuits. Is a "voltage starve" knob something that could be added? No idea if that is technically feasible...

Mostly I'm just thinking out loud, but I figured I might as well throw those thoughts out there, in case you ever thought about a Trouby Tube Fuzz 2.

In transistor land, there are two kinds of fuzz. There are current starved amplifiers (eg. Fuzz Face), and high-pass filtered diode clipping (eg. Big Muff). The difference between regular-ass distortion and fuzz, is that distortion is dependent on the voltage of the signal, and fuzz is dependent on the change in voltage of the signal. I'm thinking the Big Muff topology would be easier to implement with tubes, since it's already been done with other types of gain stages such as op-amps.
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