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Reverb Pedals?
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Author Reverb Pedals?
I'm looking for a few pedals to add to my collection for feedback drones and loops.... I snagged an early 80's arion stereo flange. But i'm now looking for a reverb pedal. I like the EHX Holy Grail but... does anybody have the Cathedral? Just curious if the extra $$$ is worth it. Holy Grail Plus looks cool too... thanks! smile

Boss RV-3?
Marshall Reflector?

Not looking to spend hundreds... just a great barebones reverb pedal.
I chose The Cathedral more or less for the infinite button! eek!

i like my Line 6 Verbzilla...
Flux.... verbzilla is the other one I was checking out. You ever try a holy grail? smile
i really like the demos of verbzilla. if it's anything like the echo park, it's a sweet pedal.
I A/B the Holy Grail and the Cathedral.
They both sound great but for the little extra $$$ you get many more useful
options on the Cathedral, for instance stereo in/out, pre-sets for modes, tap tempo of Reverb, echo and infinite tail. Not to mention much more control.

Hope that helps.

Hmmm... then there is the TC Nova reverb =o
tragedybysyntax wrote:
Flux.... verbzilla is the other one I was checking out. You ever try a holy grail? smile

i got 'em both. i use the HG spring setting on almost everything, mixed pretty low just to add some room... the other 2 settings, meh. then i switch to the verbzilla for more prominent effect-based sounds... mostly the room/chamber/hall...


EDIT: oh yeah... the HG came with an underpowered wall wart, and was originally unusable because of hum. found a hint on some forums that it just needed more juice, replaced it with a 500ma supply and all was well. dunno if they've upgraded the stock PS, i think it was 100ma, but doublecheck...
Yeah, the other settings I was like...MEH. I have a fostex spring unit for that type of sound. Verbzilla or TC is what I'm thinking.
second hand lexicon lpx1
it's not a pedal but i just bolted a spring tank on the back of my case. accutronics tank was like 20 bucks and the the vented paneling i used to mount it to was like 15 bucks. anyway, it was super cheap and actually looks cool too. granted it is passive so i will need to power it probably going and AND coming but i just never have found a 'pedal' that completely sold me. they each seem to have about one or two sweet spots and the rest is mostly junk (to my ears). tank for me all the way and then delays. yes that it is it tank+delays+x=feedback loop power


SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!
I second the Spring Chicken that pedal is great! or maybe that new malekko Chicklet
Suburban Bather
tragedybysyntax wrote:
Hmmm... then there is the TC Nova reverb =o

I would avoid the Nova reverb. It does sound good, but it glitches out when you adjust the parameters. Also, setting the input level is a PITA. It is sensitive as well, not hard to get nasty digital overload.

Look into Realistic reverb. I got off of ebay for less than $15. It's really a BBD delay with a very short delay time. It also makes an awesome distortion as well.
I have also been shopping some reverb pedals, looking specifically at the cathedral. THen i saw the Ekdahl Moisturizer videos and it has made me reconsider. Its like double cost of a cathedral but with the addition of filters Im thinking it might be worth it.

I am totally into the spring torture noise making side of this device that i have mostly seen in the demos but has anyone had any experience with the Ekdahl Moisturizer as a straight up reverb for guitar?
good (12db) filter + lush spring = vermona retroverb
The Spring Chicken demos do really sound good. If you don't exactly need it to be a pedal, then I would get an Alesis NanoVerb for 75-100 bucks.

If you don't need a pedal and want an analog tone, then get a Realistic Electronic Reverb as others have mentioned. It is fairly clean at most settings and I swaer to god... you can do the BEST manual flange sounds tweaking that thing. The most 'realisitc' Mr. Green hand flange simulations. I love mine since 1989.
I just bought Earthquaker's new Ghost Reverb ( - still to arrive, so I don't really have the feedback - I have a few of their devices, all very well built, excellent quality, with a very decent price on them.
I love the Ghost Echo so much, but recently I have discovered a flaw in it.
Using it at home or in the studio is WONDERFUL. Take it to a rehearsal or gig and turn the volume of your synth up and CLIPPING! Damn.
Ops! Thanks for the warning! Primarily, I will use it with a guitar (still cracking my head with the abc of synths - especially with all sounds analogue - thus my subscription to Muff). Thought about a boss, though I'm really keen on earthquaker - have their Transport Disaster delay (now, retired to its box after getting an Empress) and the Grand Orbiter, which I still use a good deal, even after getting a whetstone phaser. Great little unit!
Lexicon MPX 110, I've had mine ( 2 ) for years. the newish cheaper lexicons I have not tried.
Digitech Hardwire Reverb. Uses Lexicon algorithms. Stereo ins and outs. I've been hearing good things about these new Hardwire pedals and I've personally heard the reverb and it sounds great!
I've just got my new EHX Holier Grail, which is Holy Grail + gate.

Sounds lovely when I run my Board Weevil through a EHX Stereo Memory Man into it.
So Trag what'd you get?
I have a Boss RV5, bought last year and it sounds great for clean sounds on my guitar and on electric violin. I had a Line 6 Verbzilla, really nice pedal too
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