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My Frac Rack System
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Author My Frac Rack System
I am finished my Frac Rack System. Filled up 8 frames of Frac.

1x Bananalogue - LPFA
1x Bananalogue - Serge 3P
1x Bananalogue - Serge VCS
1x Blacet - Bar Graph 2520
1x Blacet - Binary Zone 2300
1x Blacet - Dark Star Chaos 2000 (Rev A)
1x Blacet - Dual Linear VCA 2410
1x Blacet - EG1 VC ADSR 2070
1x Blacet - Filthy Filter 2310
1x Blacet - Final Filter 2030
1x Blacet - Frequency Divider 2020
1x Blacet - Hex Zone Sequential Switch 2800
1x Blacet - I/O Input Processor 2225
2x Blacet - Klang Werk 2010
2x Blacet - Micro LFO 2430
1x Blacet - Midiverter 2910
1x Blacet - Mixer / Processor 2040
4x Blacet - Multiple / Attenuator 2210
1x Blacet - Sequential Switch 2650
1x Blacet - Time Machine 2050 (No Rev)
2x Blacet - VCO 2100
1x Blacet - Wiard Synthesizer Mini Wave 2090 with Socket Rocket
1x Blacet - Window Comparator 2700
1x Metalbox - CGS Psycho LFO
1x Metalbox - CGS Digital Noise
1x Metalbox - 8008 Bass Drum
1x Oakley - Lag
1x PAiA - 7900 MIDI To CV Converter
1x PAiA - 9710 VCA / Mixer
1x PAiA - 9720 VCO
1x PAiA - 9730 VCF
1x PAiA - 9746 Patch Bay
1x STG Soundlabs - Mankato Filter
2x STG Soundlabs - Multiples
1x STG Soundlabs - Post Lawsuit Lowpass Filter
1x Synthesis Technology - MOTM-1485 GX VCF
1x Synthesis Technology - MOTM-1800 Looping ADSR EG
1x Wiard Synthesizer - Joystick GR-1208B
1x Wiard Synthesizer - Joystick Axis Generator GR-1211
1x Wiard Synthesizer - Noise Ring GR-1210A

I will post a picture soon.
Yes, pictures, please! screaming goo yo
That is a very nice selection of modules. thumbs up

Good to know that there some more frac enthusiasts out there.

Guinness ftw!
8 Frames is rather decent sized modular. Can't wait to see the pics.

The world needs more frac'ers.

dJ dAb
Post 'em! love
thumbs up

nice, but where's the joystick!?!? razz
what are you using to power that stack?
The tower of power! Nice.

rezzn8r wrote:
thumbs up

nice, but where's the joystick!?!? razz
what are you using to power that stack?

The joystick in in a battery powered box by itself. I am using 4 Blacet PS500 Power Supplies. I really need another one but they don't sell them anymore.
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