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looking for a stand for
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Author looking for a stand for
i am looking for a stand for the following

2x xoxbox
Access TI desktop
DSI Prophet 08

I thought 3 of the stanton laptop stands may be the best option, but then you may have a better option for me :-)

Let it rip
Ultimate Support System with arms maybe?
You could try these:

Dont know if that is what youre looking for but if so give him a shout... they are not mine but I do know the guy and he can provide you with some well known referees.

Pretty sure he will do custom jobs.
ross my housemate is a metal sculptor who might make some time to make you some racks. he made some awesome cdj stands for our last party in a hour or two.

his website doesnt really show that stuff but he does lots of racks for his workshop and is pretty good at em
i did see a vid review of about 6 maybe 4 laptop stands for DJs but cant find it anywhere. i thought it was on CDM but i cant see it anymore :-(
I'm a fan of the on stage stands studio locators, but that might not be what you're looking for exactly.

I've been looking for a multi-tier stand designed with modules in mind for years with no real luck finding anything that seemed to make sense.

I've pretty much given up at this point, and am planning on a metal shelving system on one wall of the studio instead.
Where are you located?

Something like this maybe? smile
Is this for touring, or a studio setup? Stretta just posted on his blog an article about an cool stand he uses called the Herman Miller Scooter. Looks real cool for desktop synths in a studio environment.
Oh man, the scooter looks awesome.
I have been looking into the Stanton stand....I really need a desktop stand that can hold the weight of the Access Virus TI , or DSI Pro 08 desktop so I can have the tetra underneath it all on my desk.

The stanton uberstand looks good but I am concerned that a laptop doenst weigh as much as the virus.

Its not really for touring just to move from the studio into the dining room if I want to leave the studio.

I am on Stretta Procedure blog and cant see the Herman Miller Scooter?
computer controlled
What about the Ikea REDD shoe racks?

Here it's holding up my Machinedrum and 303 as well as my modular:

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