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what a difference a filter makes
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Author what a difference a filter makes
electrik noize
or in my case 3 filters. finally took the plunge into the euro waters and I'm wondering why it took me so long in the first place.

i got one of those little doepfer cases and loaded it with a wasp, polivoks, and a wiard/malekko borg. The goal is to use these to augment my modcan system.

I wanted something that I thought would go overboard in the distorting/rez screaching/mangling sort of way and these three don't disappoint. I'm actually most surprised by the borg. I knew that it could do the buchla bongo sound but man the rez on this thing is pure filth in a great way.

not sure what it is about the modcan filters (moog and arp knockoffs) but I can never seem to get them to overdrive. and while they sound great they are a bit vanilla to my ears.

with my new larry moe and curly filter suite, I feel like I'm ready to punish some audio yeeehawww
wasp filter is a blast it is what i use for snares and hh it is an awesome filter.
electrik noize
hey doc in what ways are you using the wasp for your snare and hihats?
the borg is really nice at making kick drums. just turn up the rez, turn down the freq,
and trigger the control input. the lovely vactrol inside does the rest
computer controlled
The Polivoks is a dirty filter isn't it. Though I found out its not very good for making bass drums. The resonance is too unstable. The A-105 is good for that. The Wasp and Borg interest me.
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