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DivKid video series UPDATE - 15/01/16
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Author DivKid video series UPDATE - 15/01/16
BIG UPDATE - Friday 15th Jan 2016 - It's nice to see the body of work in one big list in one place. Scary how time I've put into this! woah zombie Dead Banana

Here's all the video so far, all links go to YouTube.

Module Overviews feature overviews, sounds, demos and patches
Touellskouarn - Kea Da Strakal Brulu
WMD - Geiger Counter - Wavetable Demo
AniModule - SOB Part 1
AniModule - SOB Part 2
RYO - Optodist
AniModule - TrAniModule
Erica Synths - Polivoks VCF Clone
Erica Synths - Moog Parametric EQ
Frequency Central - Ultra Wave
AniModule - SOB's Wavefolder
Frequency Central - System X Sample & Hold
Erica Synths - Fusion (Tube) Series Teaser
AniModule - LogicOgic
RYO - VC Seq & Trig Xpander
Erica Synths - Sequential Switch
Erica Synths - Sequential Switch BIG PATCH!
Manhattan Analog - CVP
Erica Synths - Fusion (Tube) Series - VCO Mixer
Erica Synths - Fusion (Tube) Series - Delay/Chorus
Erica Synths - Fusion (Tube) Series - Voltage Controlled Filter
Erica Synths - Fusion (Tube) Series - VCA
Erica Synths - Fusion (Tube) Series - Ring Modulator
Analogue Solutions - Splitter Cables
Analogue Solutions - LFO2
Medic Modules- EKG
Neutron Sound - Orgone Accumulator (firmware update video)
Mutable Instruments - Branches
Manhattan Analog - Stave Variable VCF
Neutron Sound - Orgone Accumulator
Mutable Instruments - Peaks
HackMe - Vectr
Medic Modules - Voice Box
Manhattan Analog - VCA
Nervous Squirrel - Ring Modulator
Medic Modules - Cranial Saw
Dual RYO VC Seq. & Trig Xpander
AniModule - Tik Tok
Analogue Solutions - TMF - Telemark Filter
Music Thing Modular / Thonk - Mikrophonie
Erica Synths - Polivoks VCA
Erica Synths - Polivoks Envelope Generator
LADIK - EQ-5 / E-110
Mutable Instruments - Peaks *EASTER EGG*
Mutable Instruments - Braids *EASTER EGG*
AniModule - V9a
Fonitronik / Thonk - Cascade
CFM - BHWR / Bipolar Half Wave Rectifier
Analogue Solutions - MT9
Mutable Instruments - Shelves
Frequency Central - Meth Amp
Mutable Instruments - Clouds *Numbers Station Fun*
Mutable Instruments - Elements *Expression with Pressure Points*
Mutable Instruments - Shelves *FM, Feedback, Oscillation & More*
Mutable Instruments - Streams
Mutable Instruments - Elements *Patches*
Mutable Instruments - Elements
Mutable Instruments - Clouds
Mutable Instruments - Streams *5 More Things*
Mutable Instruments - Clouds *Additional Modes*
Analogue Solutions - SQ8
AniModule - XXX_OR
My Melodic Mutable Patch
Manhattan Analog - CP3 Mixer
SSF - Ultra Random Analog
Erica Synths - Dtech VCF
RYO - Making Beats With Logic
RYO - Logic Modules
ALM - Boss Bow Tie
Frequency Central - Bartos Flur
Audio Damage - Sequencer 1 *Build a sequence*
Ginkosynthese - Flat Pack DIY Skiff
Buranelectrix - Dredrum
Audio Damage - Sequencer 1 - Part 1
Erica Synths - Black Series - Varishape VCO
Audio Damage - Sequencer 1 - Part 2
Synthrotek - EKO / ECHO
XAOC Devices - Sewastopol
Audio Damage - Sequencer 1 - Part 3
RYO - 3x VCA
Manhattan Analog - MA35
Grayscale - Algorhythm
Erica Synths - Black Series - Digital Noise
Synthrotek - DLY
Erica Synths - Black LFO
XAOC Devices - Batumi & Poti
Laurentide Synthworks - VG2
Erica Synths - Black HADSR & Expander
Malekko Heavy Industry - Noise
Sputnik Modular - Quad VCf/VCA
GOD's BOX - Humpback
AJH Synth - MiniMod VCO
Abstract Data - ADE-32 Octocontroller - First Patch
STG Soundlabs - Mankato Filter
Abstract Data - ADE-32 Octocontroller - Arpeggios
RYO - Paths
Abstract Data - ADE-32 Octocontroller - Dark Drones
4ms - Spectral Multiband Resonator (SMR) - First Patch
Sputnik Modular - Karplus String Creature
Happy Nerding - HM VCO
4ms - Spectral Multiband Resonator (SMR)
Sputnik Modular - Four-Tap Delay / Dual Crossfader
Malekko Heavy Industry - Dual Borg
Sputnik Modular - Dual Oscillator - First Patch
Sputnik Modular - Dual Oscillator
Rebel Technology - OWL
ALM - Dinky's Taiko
Happy Nerding - LED Meter
Synthrotek MST - VCO
Mutable Instruments - Warps
Mutable Instruments - Warps - Through Zero FM
Mutable Instruments - Rings - Feature Jam
Mutable Instruments - Rings
Erica Synths - MIDI to Trigger
Mystic Circuits - VERT
Erica Synths - Dual EG / LFO

Modular Synth Jams no talking!
Synth Jam #1 - Techno Patch
Synth Jam #2 - Shuffling Clock / Beat Skipping & EKO
Synth Jam #3 - Self Generating Drone
Synth Jam #4 - Dirty Techno/Electro
Synth Jam #5 - Braids Meta Mode
Synth Jam #6 - AFG Filthy Bass
Synth Jam #7 - Out Of Cables!
Synth Jam #8 - 4ms SCM Clock Manipulation
Synth Jam #9 - Volca Beats & Modular
Synth Jam #10 - Lost in Chords
Synth Jam #11 - Unspecified
Synth Jam #12 - Braids Chord Mode
Synth Jam #13 - Braids Meta Mode & RYO VC Seq
Synth Jam #14 - Tying The System Together
Synth Jam #15 - Cross Mod, Noise, FM, Feedback and More Noise!
Synth Jam #16 - Dub Chords & Beat
Synth Jam #17 - Beats & Pieces
Synth Jam #18 - 32 Step Sequencing
Synth Jam #19 - Pamela's Euclidean Workout
Synth Jam #20 - SSF URA Riffs
Synth Jam #21 - Frantic
Synth Jam #22 - MS-Brute
Synth Jam #23 - Mutable Critters
Synth Jam #24 - Off The Grid Mutable Drum Machine
Synth Jam #25 - Pumping Streams
Synth Jam #26 - Lonely Mutant
Synth Jam #27 - Sputnik's First Outing
Synth Jam #28 - Nightlight
Synth Jam #29 - Grains & Orgone Bass
Synth Jam #30 - 350 Spectral Clouds

Event Videos Videos from either my own events (MDLR, Great Yorkshire Wiggle or the new and final name "MODULAR MEETS" alongside videos from other events too
MDLR First Event - Synth Meet & Muffs Fundraiser
Great Yorkshire Wiggle @ Huddersfield Uni - Feb 22nd 2015
Matttech Modular WMD Workshop - Introduction to Modular Synthesis with the Monolith
Matttech Modular WMD Workshop - Spectrum VCO
Matttech Modular WMD Workshop - Ultra Fold
Brighton Modular Meet 2015

Sound Diary A new series which is just audio to share with a still image that stems from whatever prototypes, composition projects, or new studio stuff I'm up to
Sound Diary #1 - ADE-32 Octocontroller

Playing with the ...Not specifically eurorack or modular just playing on some nice gear!
Roland - System 100m
HackMe - Vectr

Modular Patch Ideas more general not so module specific, some are ideas from wigglers I'll credit where ideas come from
Patch Ideas #1 - Heavy Wavetables
Patch Ideas #2 - Thumb Piano
Patch Ideas #3 - Audio Rate Delay / Karplus Strong

EWI & Modular Synth Big band Akai EWI & Eurorack multri tracked big band tunes
Here In A Smokey Room

5 Low Pass Filter Shoot Out
Exploring the E350 track
Exploring the E350 track 'Making of'
Syncing Pamela's Workout to the Vermona qMI
Fitting A Grayscale Panel
Koma Kabelhanger

********************************************************************** **************

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share my first eurorack video and try to bring all my talk of video stuff into one thread for comments, new videos etc. I've been on about videos for a while and this one has taken ages, with various problems blah blah blah. So ... the first video is a module overview of the Strakal Brulu Fuzz. Check it out below.

Here's the link just in case it doesn't come up -

All comments and thoughts are welcome. I'll be mentioning new ideas and what's to come here and using this thread as a base for it all. Next videos will be on the AniModule SOB filter and TrAnimodule utility and speaker.

Finally, I'll welcome you all to subscribe to the YouTube page -

I'll be keeping things in a modular video playlist if you do want to avoid music and other vids. - e
Good vid and a nice module to boot, look forward to seeing some more, clear and informative also showed capabilities and character of the module nicely.

maybe im mad but I liked the drunk vco vibes also Guinness ftw!

i have been looking at Braids as a possible addition to my system so if you get round to a vid about it that would be cool.
Awesome Vid! thumbs up
Awesome vid, always been curious about that big red thing!
Nice to include a link for us on the iPad we're not worthy
Great.... really enjoyed that, although it focused on a module I'll likely never buy, it was cool hearing how your other modules were affecting the patch. I'd like to see something on your Braids... in particular the 'pluck' section. I'm always looking for new ideas on how to improve my plucking technique.
Well done, Ben. thumbs up
Thanks everyone, appreciate the comments. Glad it's going down well.

Dcramer - Tempted by the other red thing smile haiku-ish band pass and distortion module that looks ace.

Figures - I haven't had the drunk VCO vibe since, or before that video actually. Don't know how I'd replicate it, screwing with the 1v/oct (not that I'd want to, I didn't like the drunk VCO). Braids could probably do it with it's drift and flat modes though. I've been thinking of Braids for ages, there's a few "mode demo" type videos (I'll probably add to that) but I've been thinking of maybe doing them as shorter videos looking at specific things. Or I'll film them that way and then add them all together. What do you reckon?

escmode - the module is great, so if a fuzz is for you I can highly recommend it, if not glad you liked watching anyway. I'm going to try and keep other videos similar when looking at a single module (as opposed to general ideas etc) demonstrating how it's part of a bigger picture and what roles it can play. Plus with 1 in, 1 out and 1 knob I couldn't do much of a feature overview haha. I'll definitely have something on Braids, see what I said about. I could do a shorter video just on the pluck. Do you reckon smaller more specific videos or a general overview that's longer? Maybe the odd shorter one (people love the pluck, maybe show off it's wavetables and internal envelope features) and then do a full video? To do it well I'll have to do a lot of planning anyway, so hit me with ideas. thumbs up
Cool video! Thanks for making it!
Great video - really well done! thumbs up
jc3music & cellm8 cheers guys Mr. Green

Thanks Rick frequencycentral glad you like it. Long time coming this one, think I mentioned it to you last time we spoke (ages back now it seems).
a scanner darkly
Thanks for doing this - I've subscribed to your channel and added your videos to the eurorack video tutorial thread:

thumbs up
a scanner darkly thanks a lot.
I'm in the process of getting together my second video which is for the Animodule revised SOB filter (it's ace btw).

I have so much footage (as this thing does so much) all shot with an open "show everything" sort of approach. You see me setting up patches and talking through what I'm plugging in. The only problem with that is the length. I have a part 1 which is a module overview, nearly 20 minutes long going over everything. Then a part 2 which is patch ideas at 18 minutes long.

Would you all prefer to see them both like that? You don't see me plug everything in and set up every sequence, but you see things set up and get to see the changes in the patches as I do them.

I cut probably cut all this in half and just make one video. I'd have to re-record the voice over (which is fine) but I'd be cutting out a lot of the set up. Going for more of a "Here's this set up and it does this", rather than the longer approach "if I take an envelope from module X and mix that in you get this" which leads you through the changes more.

I sort of like the longer open videos, but this could heavily restrict views and 2 almost 20 minutes videos is loads.

So what do you reckon? Just be brutal and cut it down heavily to one video?

I'd really appreciate your input.
Well done.
a scanner darkly
What about doing both, 2 full videos and then one compressed version? This way if anybody needs more explanation they can watch the extended versions.
a scanner darkly wrote:
What about doing both, 2 full videos and then one compressed version? This way if anybody needs more explanation they can watch the extended versions.

Agreed....You'll have some want longer and others want shorter. This way everyone is happy. Guinness ftw!
a scanner darkly & Fleggy good call. Longer videos and a heavily condensed one. I'll finish the longs and have those online first then follow it with a short version.

... and cheers evileye0702
ben_hex wrote:
So what do you reckon? Just be brutal and cut it down heavily to one video?

Liking the vid, yorkshire represent!

I've found generally it's a good idea to cut wherever possible. Cut setups/gaps/unnecessary pauses - keep it moving. The best editing tip is "Cut all the boring bits". I've generally found it's a process of watching back and going 'something new needs to happen here, it's dragging!'.

But if the purpose is to show your patching process then you leave that in I suppose. I'd just cut any unnecessary gaps/dead air to keep it moving/engaging.
Cheers! stromcat glad you like it.

I've had 3 people watch the video all of which have said length is good as is the openness and pace throughout. Two almost 20 minutes videos is obviously still really long so going to go with the suggestions of a compressed much shorter version and the long ones. I'll be re-recording a voice over this week and finishing a few short edits and hopefully have it online before the end of the week. Then I'll edit it super chopped up and much much shorter. Probably no voice over just subtitles. Bit harder with the SOB to get it short as there is honestly so much to go at with it.

I'm happy getting brutal with it though, that's my usual approach to sound design / sample work and composition / production type stuff too, cut out all the "dead air" as it were smile
Had a fair few problems with computers and software while working on the SOB filter overview video. That's still coming (hopefully this coming week). But with the problems I've been trying out a few things on a friends machine which led to me rendering out this video I've had for a while now which is an overview of the wavetable processing in the WMD Geiger Counter.

So here it is ....

SOB filter overview will be next, then coming up will the Animodule TrAnimodule and RYO Optodist. Lots of other ideas as always and not enough time. [/video]
keep at it lad! thumbs up
cheers matttech just text you after trying to ring a few times tonight. We'll catch up properly through the coming week.
Little Bump! to say the next module overview is finished and will be uploading and coming to you tonight. It's the Animodule SOB state variable filter and wavefolder which is capable of loads! w00t
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