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More AniModule Quad Comparator vids :)
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Author More AniModule Quad Comparator vids :)
I'm gonna keep uploading vids on this module til I can get a nice one that really show what I'm going for. today's endeavor has better visibility of the LEDs and a simpler patch just for descriptive purposes. thumbs up

they'll be more to come. i'd like to showcase the VCSS in the near future too.
Here is a Quad Comp video for ya smile

not sure why it won't embed very frustrating
Awesome Vid! thumbs up

(I deleted the 's' in the https wink )
Probably a really stupid question: But Since the buffered inverters on the logicogic are unfortunately really scarce, could this comparator also be used as a simple logic inverter? That is, is it fast enough for that task, like in terms of latency? Compared a pure logic inverter?

And: Why is this one missing at schneiders, who are usually stocking animodule? Any other european shop? I may as well be to stupid to use google properly, wouldn't be the first time, but I haven't yet been able to locate this module on this side of the pond?

Not urgent, just asking
Hi hirada

that's exactly what the NOT outputs are for. they are Logic Inverters. cool

used to have Trigger outputs, but i found that inverters got used far more frequently than static gate to trigger converters.

Unfortunately there is no European dealer for the Quad Comparator at the moment.
As to why? I'd guess it's because there isn't an overwhelming demand for it. The Quad Comparator is a fairly unique module. That being said the people that purchase it generally Love it because it does exactly what they want and they often have very specific uses in mind for it (always different and very creative). I get excited to hear about the different innovative applications people use the Quad Comp for.

Fortunately AniModule is happy to ship internationally wink
Thanks for your reply, JROCK. I have been aware of the NOT outputs beeing inverters, my concern was more the performance of a comparator used as a plain logic inverter compared to a specialised logic inverter as found on the logicogic

That is I am wondering, wether the extra functionality (compare) will introduce added latency and wether it will work reliably with fast clocks/pulses at all, as somewhere in the middle of the video you recommend to convert gates to a triangle, albeit for a different reason.

Sorry for having been not clear enough
hihi misunderstood wink

It's more than capable of handling audio signal...
should be a latency of a microsecond or so (or is it 300 nanoseconds?).
It's based on an analog LM339 IC so it's faster than a TL074 opamp (for comparator use at least)

We built it to run fast cool
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