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Circuit Bending Class in Phila PA 3/1/2014
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Author Circuit Bending Class in Phila PA 3/1/2014
For those interested and near Phila PA:

I'm teaching and introduction to Circuit Bending class at The Hacktory ( in Philadelphia Pa USA Saturday march 1st 1-3 PM. The class will lean heavily on both practice and theory as well as some basic electronic knowledge, soldering techniques, and be a LOT of fun w/ videos, a modular synth demo, and plenty of hands on time making stuff.

Class Syllabus: llabus.pdf

Students will learn and practice bending and everyone who attends will walk away with their own Atari Punk Console (which they will bend in class) courtesy of The Hacktory and Synthrotek (

Class size is limited but there are spaces available. Tickets and full info here:

Hope to see some folks (or your friends) there!
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