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Oakland performances 2/28-3/6
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Author Oakland performances 2/28-3/6
2014 Bay area PERFORMANCES:

A number of collaborations with Tom Dimuzio this week and a couple solo performances. Will focus on primarily eurorack and buchla skylab interactions, with some additional ableton and guitar noise included. The LCM gig 2/28 will feature collaborations with members of Sutekh Hexen. WWW.SUTEKHHEXEN.ORG
The gig with negativland 3/1 will feature new video work. Based on some of the video for the new IOS release "Surrender"

will post some video later of the current eurorack that I am bringing (benjolin/phonogene/echophon) it is sounding magical.
Plan is to finally integrate the modular with ableton via ES-es4 & bring guitar into the euro rig via a-119 & the external FX w/ a-138d. I might get lost in the Benjolin though that thing is rocking it.

here is Tom's amazing skylab set up with plenty of Verbos analog goodness (essential to my ear)

LCM 2/28 facebook

3/1 9PM Uptown Nightclub Oakland: DBTD open for Negativland


3/4 KFJC and KPFA: DBTD radio performances

3-4PM Dan Burke & Thomas Dimuzio Live on KFJC
stream it here:

11:59PM-1:30AM Dan Burke & Thomas Dimuzio Live on KPFA
No Other Radio network: hosted by Russ Kent (Mr. Hate:)
stream it here:

3/5 Mills College-Dan Burke. presentation to the Seminar in Electronic Music Performance

3/6 Duende: IOS solo performance w/ VOZZT (Evelyn Davis & Jeanie-Aprille Tang) + colaborations w/ VOZZT & Tom Dimuzio
IOS Duende facebook

she is ready

The benjolin and harmonic osc are working some interesting shit. The echophon/cwejman phaser & doepfer BBd are providing the psych magic I have been after
Negativland were on top of their game. such cool sounds and god damn funny too. here is Toms euro/buchla/octatrack rig from the uptown

and a few moments of our sets video as seen through Laetitia Sonami's beautiful circle

are you based in Oakland? I am. sorry i missed these shows!
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